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Substitute Ingredients for Meat, Dairy and Fat

There are many substitutions forand meat and dairy products, and fatty unhealthy ingredients; and more products are coming out all the time! Just the other day while shopping at my local grocery I noticed a new non-dairy product – Quinoa Milk! Regardless of your reason for choosing non-dairy, non-animal products with all the vegetarian and vegan friendly products you are sure to find ones you like!

Some of my favorites are listed below. I encourage you to do some searching and experimenting on your own whether through mail order or local stores until you find your favorites!

In baking and cooking, recipes calling for egg and/or dairy productsare very easily changed, with virtually no difference in the end product!

There are many more options available, but I hope you enjoy some of these suggestions to start with!

  1. Black beans for flour
  2. Whole wheat flour for white flour
  3. Unsweetened applesauce for sugar
  4. Almond flour for wheat flour
  5. Avocado puree for butter
  6. Natural peanut butter for reduced-fat peanut butter
  7. Mashed bananas for fats
  8. Nut flours for flour
  9. Stevia for sugar
  10. Prunes for butter
  11. Cacao nibs for chocolate chips
  12. Chia seeds for butter
  13. Chia seeds for eggs
  14. Flax meal for eggs
  15. Brown rice for white rice
  16. Quinoa for couscous
  17. Zucchini ribbons for pasta
  18. Turnip mash for mashed potatoes
  19. Mashed cauliflower for mashed potatoes
  20. Rolled oats for breadcrumbs
  21. Dry beans for canned beans
  22. Quinoa pasta for regular pasta
  23. Olive oil spray for olive oil from the bottle
  24. Coconut milk for cream
  25. Spaghetti squash for pasta
  26. Arugula, romaine, spinach, and/or kale for iceberg lettuce
  27. Nutritional yeast for cheese
  28. Lettuce leaves for tortilla wraps
  29. Avocado mash for mayo
  30. Soy Based Mayo for mayo
  31. Frozen or Fresh Fruits for canned fruit
  32. Veggies for pita (as a dipping tool)
  33. Cauliflower puree for egg yolks (in deviled eggs)
  34. Edamame hummus for regular hummus
  35. Kale chips for potato chips
  36. Popcorn for potato chips
  37. Steel-cut oatmeal for instant oatmeal
  38. Pureed fruit for syrup
  39. Herbs or citrus juice for salt
  40. Homemade salad dressing for bottled dressing



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