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Further Your Career with Advanced Personal Training Education

One of the most simple, yet overlooked, options for career advancement is to ask your current employer if there is opportunity for growth, or if you can take on more challenges. While it may be intimidating to approach your manager with a career question, especially if you’re unsure what his or her response may be, these direct questions will help you to identify potential growth in your career and may even lead to a promotion. In the event that your current employer isn’t currently offering an opportunity for advancement, you do have many other options. This may mean acquiring an advanced certification, such as the master personal trainer certification, or expanding your reach and teaching a Pilates or yoga class when you aren’t training your clients in the gym.

Advanced personal training education and certification add-ons

With advanced-certification courses, you can truly set yourself apart from other professionals in your field and grow your character. “Knowledge builds confidence, so invest in education–even after you’ve obtained your initial certifications,” writes Entrepreneur. With an advanced-certification course you can hone in on your current skills, learn how to develop comprehensive, goal-oriented exercise programs and challenge yourself in the field. When it comes time to select your certification course, focus more closely on courses that are aligned with your interests and where you want to be once you receive your second or third certification. That being said, just because you have a certificate in personal training, doesn’t mean you are limited to training. Below is a list of speciality certifications that may help you reach your career goals:

Another way to learn the latest research, techniques and breakthrough performance methods is to consider attending a conference or a workshop. Since the health and fitness industry is always evolving, professionals are encouraged look for ways to build and refine their skills. Continue to look for ways to advance your career annually or bi-annually. With all the options for growth, there’s no limit to what you can do. Good luck!

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