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Learn How to Become a Holistic Nutritionist

More and more people are suffering from obesity. As we all know generally, many diseases actually started from obesity. To prevent that, losing weight or more accurately, eating right and exercising to lose fat is important to ensure a longer life. Unfortunately, many people fail to do so on their own. They need guidance from professionals such as a personal trainer, nutritionist or health coach to help them to get back their lives.

As there are more and more obese people, that means the number of professionals must be coherently increasing too. If you are passionate about fitness and more than that, wanting to help these people, you should consider getting certified as a nutrition specialist to provide you with the tools to do this legally and widely. With a certificate, you are certified in what have studied and learned, and shown proficiency in through testing and assessment.

Nowadays, you do not need to go through a university or college in order to obtain a certificate. With the advancement of online learning, you can do everything at home, comfortably and conveniently with at an affordable cost. With online learning and traditional home study it can be less expensive as compared to the traditional classroom style. Also, you can save on accommodation and food when you studying from home.


The American Fitness Professionals & Associates’ new certification program called Holistic Nutritionist Certification. It provides an unprecedented professional training that will supply you with a strong skill-set and the confidence to work with any client who has difficulty in gaining optimal health. Basically you will be learning about the natural complimentary nutrition. After you have completed the program, you should have no problem helping your client to identify and help to correct the nutritional causes of diseases and design personalized diet and lifestyle programs that can reward them better health.

Start Helping Others Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s cost is definitely worthy and reasonable – only $699.00. Think of it as an investment to get yourself prepared to gain more clients in the future. Moreover, you will be getting 7 DVD’s and 5 textbooks. The lectures are on DVD’s. Another advantage of this certification program is that you can always rewind any time you wish to.

And guess what? The best parts of the program are highlighted below:

  • Test when you are ready 
  • Study at your own pace  
  • There are no extra or added fees for registration, course materials and/or exatmination  
  • Unlimited student support  
  • Weekly newsletters & AFPA blog  
  • Member discount offers  
  • No travel necessary

    Wait no more. Enroll today to start your Holistic Nutrition coaching career today.  It is not only going to give you the means to help people but also an opportunity to start your new career and gain an added source of income.


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