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How to Give Clients in Poor Health the Inspiration to Exercise

Eating healthy and working on staying physically fit may sound like a breeze to you, but some of your clients may need convincing; especially if they are just realizing the risk of poor lifestyle choices. Whether your client hopes to lose weight or just live a healthier lifestyle, we have compiled a set of tips you can use to motivate your client to work on prioritizing their health.

Do Your Clients Need Inspiration to Exercise & Make Healthier Choices? Here’s What You Need to Know:

It’s Not About You, It’s About Your Client

When you’re a certified health professional, it’s easy to get caught up in the health and fitness lifestyle. However, you must remind yourself that not everyone shares the same values. Just because you enjoy working out on a regular basis and put a healthy lifestyle on a high pedestal, doesn’t mean every one will adopt that same mentality. 

Start by simply asking your client what they hope to achieve by working with you. Whether they are training for a triathlon, or hoping to overcome obesity, it’s important to first establish their goals in order to design a new lifestyle plan that will empower them to accomplish their goals. 

Don’t Aim to Workout, Aim to Have Fun

While the gym is notoriously the ‘home’ to where health and fitness dreams come true, your clients may benefit from a change in scenery now and again. For example, if your client wants to boost their health plan with running, encourage them to mix it up with interval training or trail running at a local park. Keep in mind that interval training on tough terrain may not be for everyone, so be sure that your client is capable of such activity before you make this suggestion. 

Take it Slow & Work on Short-Term Goals

The power of small short-term goals can really go a long way, especially with your clients who are brand new to training. Think of it this way, if your client aims to drop five pounds and they reach this goal by the month’s end, they’re likely to feel motivation to achieve the next goal. Yes, it’s important to set long-term goals, but taking baby steps and making small changes to your client’s diet, fitness routine and lifestyle will help display the bigger picture – that health isn’t just a short-term goal but it’s a lifestyle choice. 

Highlight the Benefits

Sometimes all we need to feel inspired is a little reminder of the benefits healthy habits can bring. Not only will eating a healthy, well-balanced diet help your client lose weight, but it will help maintain their goal weight. Eating healthy will also help your clients prevent health conditions, boost their life-span and improve their energy levels throughout the day. With these tips in mind you should see an increase in motivation and even inspire yourself to get moving this new year!

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