Wellness Yoga/Prenatal Instructor – Massachusetts

Wellness Yoga/Prenatal Instructor


Teaches wellness programs for the community in one of the following categories: Exercise, Yoga, CPR & First Aid, Nutrition, Reiki, Babysitter Training or facilitates a support group. Instructor to teach both Prenatal Yoga Classes and Community Yoga Classes. Provides to the community, education classes assigned by the office. Informs the office and finds a sub when needed from the approved sub list. Sets up classroom and uses provided class materials. Begins and ends classes on time and is available to participants 5 minutes before and 10 minutes after class. Takes attendance at each class Inspects class materials/equipment before class and notifies office of missing materials or in need of replacement. Removes defective materials/equipment from the classroom and notifies office Informs office of any participant needs or concerns.

Job Requirements: 

Knowledgeable in area of expertise; experience in group instruction or group facilitation in subject area; demonstrate ability to instruct/facilitate a group in subject area; minimum of high school diploma required; 1-2 yrs teaching/facilitating experience in subject area preferred; must have current license or certification in their subject area; must have CPR Certification.

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Wellness Center


Newton-Wellesley Hospital






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