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How to Strength Train at Home for Optimal Results

As a personal trainer, we all have our favorite way to get and stay in shape, whether it be going for a run, challenging your core in a Pilates class or working up a sweat in the SoulCycle studio. While all of these workouts seem achievable to you in a day or two, what about your clients? Since they likely don’t have unlimited access to the gym or the time in their schedules to book a session with you every day, you may have to guide them in the right direction on your off days.

Fortunately, if your clients are short on time or limited to a budget, they can still get the body they have always wanted. All they need are a couple of free weights, a mat and your expertise.

How to strength train at home to achieve the ultimate body

What supports weight-loss benefits, boosts your metabolism and plays a vital role in disease prevention? The answer is simple—strength training. The benefits are even more vast when you add cardio into the mix. Just ask Sarah Richards of Fitness Magazine: “Couple weight training with cardio and the benefits are exponential. One study found that women who did 25 minutes of step classes plus a total-body resistance routine for 12 weeks significantly reduced their resting heart rate, body-fat percentage, and blood pressure, and increased their strength and endurance significantly more than those who only did aerobics.” For the ultimate workout, encourage your clients to perform 8 to 10 exercises targeting the major muscle groups and finish with a high-intensity interval jog for maximum results.

The ultimate strength-training workout routine

You would never wander into a training session without a plan and the same notion rings true for your clients at home. When designing your clients’ programs, focus on targeting the major muscle groups, such as the triceps, biceps, chest, glutes and abdominals. And, don’t forget to focus on your clients’ goals when you’re designing their strength-training routines. Below you will find a sample of a highly effective, full-body strength training workout routine. All they need to get started are 3-5 pound free weights and a yoga mat.

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Squat to overhead press


Bent over row


Toe touch


Basic squat


Mountain climbers


Lunge with biceps curl


Rolling Side Plank


Plank with alternating leg lift


With this strength-training routine your clients will be burning more calories and blasting more fat in no time! Don’t forget to check back for even more workouts you can share with your clients. 

[Image Source: Women’s Health Magazine]

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