Gluten-Free? Surprise! 30 Foods That Contain Gluten

Gluten Free Diet

If you have celiac-disease, gluten-sensitivity or for some other reason you’re not eating gluten—the protein found in wheat, rye and barley—your probably aware of avoiding the obvious offenders like bread, pasta and baked goods. But you may be surprised to learn of certain foods that contain gluten.

Below is a listing of foods that you may be surprised are NOT gluten-free—a must-read if you have celiac-disease, have gluten sensitivity, are eating gluten-free or know someone that must eat gluten-free.

• Bouillon cubes and broths
• Dairy substitutes, such as nondairy creamer
• Rice mixes
• Potato chips
• Hard candy
• Licorice
• Jelly beans
• Cold cuts
• Hot dogs
• Salami
• Sausage
• Communion wafers
• French fries
• Gravy
• Imitation fish
• Matzo
• Sauces
• Seasoned tortilla chips
• Self-basting turkey
• Soups
• Soy sauce
• Vegetables in sauce
• Salad dressings
• Dry-roasted nuts
• Miso
• Soba noodles
• Artificial color
• Caramel coloring
• Hydrolyzed protein, plant protein, vegetable protein
• Dextrin
• Modified food starch
• Natural flavors, flavoring and juices
• Spice blends
• Smoke flavoring
• Stabilizers
• Emulsifiers

Due to the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004, it is much easier now to identify wheat-containing ingredients: if a food or an ingredient contains wheat or protein derived from wheat, the word “wheat” must appear clearly on the food label.

Also, additional ways to avoid gluten are to check your medications, don’t cross contaminate your gluten-free foods with gluten foods, incorporate other whole grains into your diet and be vigilant about reading food labels.

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