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Free Coach E-Book: The Future of Wellness: Top Trends in 2023

What is on the horizon in 2023 for the health and wellness industries?  

How can these trends be applied to your coaching practice and what can you do to stay relevant in the coming year? 

AFPA’s e-book, The Future of Wellness: Top Trends in 2023, provides an overview of the biggest health and wellness trends you’ll see this year.  

What to Expect in 2023 in the World of Health and Wellness 

In 2023, we will see the lines between digital and in-person coaching blur. We will also see successful healthcare professionals integrate multidimensional aspects of health and wellness into their areas of expertise.  

Two emerging themes we will see in 2023 trends are integrative and holistic health and nutrition and coaching experience enhancement with digital technology.  

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AFPA has long integrated holistic and integrative approaches into our courses, but now, the general population and biomedical specialists are becoming more aware of the multidimensionality of health. This means that they realize they will only achieve their health and wellness goals – whether those involve fitness, nutrition, mood, disease management, or other aspects of health– when their diet, exercise routine, stress, and overall outlook leads them in the right direction.  

At the same time, digital technology has become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, and health and wellness activities are no exception. While apps will continue to play an important part in tracking activities and reminding people to hydrate, exercise, or take supplements, people are seeking more from their digital experience. They want digital technology to be integrated into their real-life interactions with others, which extends to their coaches, instructors, and nutritionists. If this is new to you – there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. We explain these trends in detail in the e-book.    

This year, there will be greater demand for coaches who lean into holistic, functional, and integrative approaches and take advantage of the useful tools provided by Healthcare UX/UI. Many of 2023’s trends focus on topics that can help you adopt a more holistic perspective within your area of expertise. 

What excites AFPA most about these trends is that, when applied well, they will undoubtedly improve client outcomes. For this reason, we feel it is worth the effort to invest in technology and your own education to provide the best care possible for your clients. 

In this e-book, AFPA has provided you with a top-level overview of the trends and suggestions on how to integrate them into your coaching process.    

Download the e-book now! 

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