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E-Book: The Future of Health & Wellness in 2022 and Beyond

People have a wide range of feelings about 2021 coming to a close and diverse expectations for 2022. 

Some people feel hesitant about unexpected events and changes that are on the horizon, while others are excited about the prospect of symbolically turning a new leaf in the new year. 

When it comes to personal wellness, nutrition, and fitness, we want to do what is best for our bodies and mind. And as fitness, wellness, and nutrition coaches, keeping an eye on trends helps us prepare our business for what is to come. 

By taking notice of the trends of 2021, we can make reasonably confident predictions about what to expect for 2022 and beyond. What is exciting about this list of predictions is that there are no fad movements or short-sighted trends. 

Instead, we are starting to see years of exploration, research, social media communication, and greater access to information drive lasting movements that acknowledge the importance of holistic wellness for all people.

Key Features of the E-Book 

  • A dive into ten predictions for what will drive the health and wellness industry in 2022 and beyond 
  • Descriptions of how to take advantage of key trends for health, nutrition, fitness, and wellness coaches 
  • Free resources on where to learn more about key topics

A Peek into the E-Book Topics 

  1. Integration of wearables into wellness and fitness tech
  2. Greater diversity and representation in the health and wellness industries
  3. Intuition-based health approaches
  4. Micro-workouts
  5. Shortening the distance between the seed and the bowl: Foraging + growing your own food + eating local
  6. Scientific fact-checking
  7. Greater awareness of how stress impacts health, and actions to promote health and wellness
  8. Mind-body fitness
  9. Smart home gyms and digital fitness
  10. Outdoor fitness and physical activity 
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