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What It Takes to Attain a Master Level Nutrition Consultant Certification

 Becoming a Master Level Nutrition Consultant requires more than just knowledge—you must have a passion for nutrition, a desire to help others, and a drive toward reaching a new level of professional success.

When you put all those qualities together with an accredited certification program that delivers the education you need, it presents an opportunity to turn your talents and skills into a career that you love.

What type of person should become a Master Level Nutrition Consultant?

Anyone with the desire to attain the Master Level Nutrition Consultant Certification could potentially create a career in this area, but there are some characteristics that are likely to make you more successful:

Deep interest in wellness

Nutrition isn’t only about what you eat; it’s a major part of how you feel, how you fuel athletic performance, and how you manage stress. As a nutrition consultant, you should be excited to combine sound nutrition, safe and effective physical activity, appropriate lifestyle changes, and psychological and emotional wellness to help your clients achieve their goals.

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There will be an incredible amount of work involved in earning your certification and becoming a successful nutrition consultant. In addition to mastering the educational aspect, you’ll also need to market yourself in order to turn your certification into a career. With passion and enthusiasm, all of this will feel like an exciting opportunity.

Desire for client health

Although some people take certification courses for personal enrichment only, most see their education as a jumping-off point for careers that center on helping others. Just as you’ve set yourself on a fitness and healthy lifestyle path, you should be eager to assist others in doing the same.

What’s involved with earning a certification?

AFPA’s Master Level Nutrition Consultant Certification program is made up of four courses, each with its own exam to test your learning:

Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Certification: Fundamental skills of nutritional counseling strategies to help you effectively communicate with clients looking to reach specific nutritional and lifestyle goals.

Holistic Nutritionist Certification: Insight into holistic nutrition, whole foods, and plant-based nutrition, to consult with clients who are seeking to prevent disease and gain optimal health.

Weight Management Specialist Certification: Sound, balanced weight-management strategies to help clients achieve long-term weight-management success through

nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle change.

One Specialty Certification: Choose one of the three specialty certifications.

  • Sports Nutritionist Certification: Knowledge about how to enhance clients’ workouts and maximize their results with proper nutrition, safe and effective sports supplements, and beneficial vitamins and minerals.
  • Senior Nutrition Specialist Certification: Fundamentals of nutrition as they apply to older adults, including comprehensive information on physiological changes with aging, malnutrition, disease states and their nutritional implications, pharmacology, health services, and nutrition support.
  • Youth Nutrition Specialist Certification: Skills to teach children and adolescents how to obtain optimal health through nutrition and improve young athletes’ energy and athletic performance.

The course is structured as a hybrid learning experience. For those who prefer physical materials, they are available, and for students who want online access, there are digital lectures as well. You can study at your own pace, which means that you set the time frame for earning the certification, with free technical support from AFPA at every step of your educational journey.

When you have completed all four nutrition certification programs, you will have earned the AFPA Master Level Nutrition Consultant Certification. At the end of the program, you will have gained the robust skills and insights you need to help clients live their healthiest, best lives.

How does a certification become a career?

As a Master Level Nutrition Consultant, you can add value to clients by counseling them on basic rules of good nutrition, including healthy, wholesome eating habits and nutrition monitoring to improve their quality of life.

With this information, they can be more proactive about making changes that they feel good about and that are supported by research and evidence. You can also develop individualized plans that address client health history, disease risk, personal goals, and food preferences.

Everybody has different needs when it comes to nutrition, and as a Master Level Nutrition Consultant, you’ll have a deeper skill set for assessment and plan development. You can tie nutrition together with a number of healthy strategies that all work together to support optimal wellness.

The AFPA Master Level Nutrition Consultant Certification program is the most comprehensive nutrition course available. Completing this course will set you apart from others with your personal level of educational development, expertise, professionalism, and commitment to the nutrition, health, and wellness industry.

To learn more, download the Master Level Nutritionist Program Guide for more insights and specifics on how this high-level certification can fuel your career.

Master Level Nutrition Consultant Program Guide Cover

Unleash the Power of Nutrition Science to Revolutionize Overall Health and Wellness

Download your free guide now.

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