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7 Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship With Food in 2017

When it comes to leading a healthy life, the quality of what we eat is all that matters. Your food determines not just your health but your mood as well. Your ability to stay focused and be more productive largely depend on what you eat.

Dr Joanna McMillan is a popular dietician who gives us some useful tips on how we can get the best out of our diet. She is an honorary PhD from the University of Sydney and has appeared in several TV shows and lectured on the importance of proper nutrition. She is also the founder of Get Lean, a popular online program which offers paid weight loss services for an affordable fee.

Here are the top seven ways, she says, that can help you to establish a healthy relationship with food.

  • Make positive choices

There is no doubt that eating is important. But the right eating practice is one that involves eating the right food and leaving the rest. Don’t get distracted by the celebrity diet list or anything that the media is advertising. Make sure you follow what your body tells you. Each person has a different level of nutritional requirement and craving so in order to get the best results, it’s important that you eat what your body loves. At the same time, you also have to make sure that it’s not the junk food that you are going to put in to your esophagus. According to Joanna, planning our diet well can help us eat right. Be very certain of what you are going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you have planned only vegetables for lunch, it has to be the same. May be, some nuts can help satisfy the interval hunger.   


  • Add more variety

There is a common misconception among aspiring body builders that proteins are all that they need to get bulkier and stronger. But, that isn’t really true when it comes to positive eating habits. Your menu must include vitamins, minerals, and essential fats besides proteins to nourish and grow well. The best diet, be it for weight loss or bodybuilding, is one that involves a good mix of items that are rich in nutrition. You might want to add a cup of fresh plant juice like wheatgrass or coriander to your daily diet as well.

  • Get rid of the temptation

Processed foods are the last things you would want to see when you are on a strict low-calorie diet. However, you might be wrong when you are having a stock of beer or cheese in your refrigerator or accompanying your friend to the bar or KFC when you are dieting. Avoiding unwanted temptation is as important as controlling your temptations. Make sure you stock your kitchen with only healthy items when you are on a diet. This will help avoid cravings to a great extent.
If at all you end up eating junk food just out of temptation, make sure you hit your home gym and workout an extra 30 minutes to burn the bad calories. If this is something you would be interested in, then it helps to learn how to set up your garage gym.

  • Eat fresh and whole foods

It is very obvious that natural foods are loaded with nutrition and good for the digestive system. But not many of us realize that when dieting. We end up eating processed foods in the name of cheat days and end up realizing that one cheat day has grown exponentially and ended our weight loss goals itself.

  • Love what you eat

This is very important. When you enjoy what you eat, your mind is convinced not to look for unhealthy junk food. Don’t think of dieting as a sacrifice that you are doing. Food has to be enjoyed because it has a definite influence on our health and mood. Love what your spouse cooks for you and enjoy what you eat. This will help get rid of all unimportant food and drinks from your life. It is one of the most important steps for a healthy diet.

  • Be well prepared

Preparation is the key to succeeding in anything. We just have too many options in life so we often end up choosing the wrong ones. But if you are 100% determined to lose weight and improve your health condition, then you need to make the right choices with your food.
Also, even when eating make sure you follow the basic rules like chewing properly (and not swallowing solid food as it is) and eating slowly. How to eat correctly is something you need to know before getting started with your healthy eating plans.

  • Never skip your meal

One of the worst things anyone can do when dieting is skipping his or her breakfast. Some people call it “cutting down the morning calories” while some blame the lack of time to get ready for office. No matter what, skipping your breakfast is a very bad idea as that can easily breed cravings and extra hunger through the course of the day and make you eat more than you should.


The aforementioned tips are not just for you to read and share with your friends, but they are designed to help you gain more awareness on the importance of positive eating and ultimately make you change the way you eat so that you become healthier and disease-free. We hope you loved the list. If you have questions, please comment them below. Thanks for reading.


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