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7 Ways Exercise Makes You Look And Feel Younger

The benefits of regular exercise are impressive: they help strengthen the joints, build muscles, improve immunity, and stave off illness. But, there is another enticing reason why you should work out daily – they make you look and feel younger. No matter how many birthdays you’ve celebrated, exercise can make you look younger and fitter for your age when done on a regular basis. 

Impressive physique and power aside, there are several other benefits of exercise that you should know. Getting to know the key points in the list below will motivate you to stick to a regular workout regimen and reap the benefits of exercise to the fullest.

Exercise gives you more strength and energy

Exercises are like a powerful energy drink made with no artificial flavors. They fire up the brain and body and make you feel more energetic and active after every session. Even a simple 30-minute session of cardiovascular exercises can make you feel stronger and fresher mentally and physically.

For beginners, exercise might be painful and strenuous, but when practiced on a daily basis, you will be at ease with your workouts. The more regular and committed you’re with your routine, the more you will start enjoying them – and the more ‘old years’ you can peel off from your body. Never ignore your workouts just because you do not find the time to hit the gym or outdoors. You can even set up your own mini gym in your garage with the most essential equipment on a low investment. Garagegymplanner is a great place to start with if you are looking for handy tips and advice on setting up a garage gym.

Exercise keeps your skin youthful and glowing

The sweat dripping off your forehead may not be the only thing to bring some shine to your skin. Exercise benefits the skin in many ways. The sweat clears your skin of impurities and dirt and opens up the pores allowing a free flow of air. It also improves the elasticity of the skin, which can be easily visible in any 40+ year old adult. There are face exercises to improve complexion and sport youthful, glowing skin.       

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Exercise improves posture 

Good posture can make you look thinner and handsome. If you’ve noticed, your posture goes from good to average as you get older. Bone density changes and muscle loss are the main reasons that dent a good posture. Exercise helps strengthen the muscles and bones, and ultimately stiffens and strengthens your spine making you appear taller and thinner – and of course, younger and fitter.  

Exercise improves flexibility

In addition to strengthening your muscles and joints, exercise improves your flexibility too. There are a number of stretching exercises that help increase the flexilbility of your tendons, ligaments, and joints and help prevent knee, neck, and back pain. People who work in the corporate environment are prone to bone and joint pain after 35, so exercising on a regular basis can help keep body pain in check. Simple stretching exercises can help clear the ‘knots’ in your muscles and reduce rigidity.      

Exercise enhances mood 

Any form of sweat-inducing workout is effective in improving the mood of a person. Exercise promotes the production of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphin all of which are linked to the emotional feelings of a person. When enough brain chemicals are produced (during exercise), you feel calm, happy, and confident about yourself.

Exercise kicks up your metabolism

As we grow older, the metabolism rate of our body gradually slows down. However, regular workouts can help you burn more calories per session and help you to maintain a consistent weight even in your grey-hair days. One of the best ways to burn calories is to include resistance training in your daily workout sessions. This is because of the fact that working with weights (light or medium) develops muscle mass and makes you look a bit bulky depending on the amount of weights you’re training with.  Sternlicht, a gym master says, “the more muscles you develop, the more calories you burn”. And muscles especially in the arms, shoulder, and back stay longer even after you’ve stopped lifting weights, he says.

Exercise slows down the process of aging

Roy J. Shephard, a medical researcher at the University of Toronto, found in his study that exercise helps slow down the aging of cells and protects an individual against a number of chronic diseases that occur with age. Above all, he found that exercise fosters residual function. In people with good genes, exercise reduces biological aging by as much as 20 years.  In addition to making a person feel and look good, exercise also helps increase the overall lifespan by keeping diseases away. 

All the above points prove that exercise is not a matter of choice but a compulsive component for people that are looking to lead a healthier and longer life. 

Check out these quick tips for 3 Out of the Box Exercises to incorporate in your daily routine!

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