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7 Ways A Personal Trainer Certification Can Advance Your Career

Earning a personal trainer certification has been on your mind, right? But you’re wondering if it’s worth the investment and commitment it takes to learn about things like biomechanics, nutrition, injury prevention, exercise programming, motivation and behavior change, and the business of being a personal trainer.

The simple answer: Investing in yourself to become a better person, learn new skills, and help other people is always going to be worth it. But can earning a personal trainer certification help advance your career as a health and fitness professional? Definitely. Check out these 7 reasons why becoming a personal trainer will put you on the fast track to success:

1. Get in the Game to Coach Clients

You might already know a lot about health, fitness, nutrition, and exercise. When you get together with family and friends, are you the go-to person people want to talk to about losing weight, building muscle, or training for a special event? Earning a personal trainer certification helps position yourself as an expert and adds credibility to the advice you provide. Getting certified is one of the best ways to get in the game and start coaching clients.

2. Demonstrate Personal Achievements

Run a marathon, complete an obstacle course race, or dial in your diet and exercise plan. These kinds of accomplishments demonstrate your ability to work hard, focus, and stay on course to be successful. Earning a personal trainer certification requires time and effort to master the material. But it’s worth it, especially if you want to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

3. Open Doors for Jobs at Gyms, Clubs, and Studios

It’s a competitive world out there. And if you want to get your foot in the door and start training clients at a gym, club, or studio, a personal trainer certification can help you get there. Even though you might already be a weight loss, transformation, or bodybuilding expert, most employers expect trainers to be certified. Put in the work to pass the exam, and getting certified will open doors for you.

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4. Increase Earning Potential

You might be able to land a job without a personal trainer certification, if you already have experience with creating exercise and nutrition programs. But you might not get paid what you’re worth if you aren’t certified. Earning your certification will help you command higher rates and increase your earning potential. Salaried personal trainers earn an average of $56,000 or more per year, according to industry data. And your income potential as a personal trainer is even greater if you run your own fitness business.

5. Network With Other Health and Fitness Professionals

Another benefit of earning a personal fitness trainer certification… it will help you network and make connections with other health and fitness professionals. Build your network, and you’ll have contacts in the fitness industry who can help you land a job as a trainer, or send clients your way.

6. Run Your Own Fitness Business

Earning a personal trainer certification also gives you the tools you need to run your own fitness business. Maybe you’re interested in opening your own studio. Maybe you want to lease space at gym or fitness facility and train your clients there. Maybe you’re interested in launching a bootcamp or creating an online coaching program. A certification gives you all the skills you need to train clients, along with the tools to run your own business.

7. Change Lives One Health and Fitness Goal at a Time

It’s the reason a lot of people decide to become a personal trainer. Being able to help somebody lose weight, build a better physique, change their diet to improve their health, or train for and finish a race, is an incredible feeling. And you know what happens when you do this—that person is so excited about their success, they’ll tell others and send more clients your way.

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