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7 Pinterest Accounts to Motivate Your Nutrition Consulting Clients

Ask any recipe-hunting person in the kitchen trying to make a healthy meal, and they’re not going to be sifting through old-school cookbooks. These days people take selfies with their food, post pics of every meal, and even share videos with cooking tips, recipes, and how-to demonstrations. It’s exciting and engaging. And that’s what you want when you’re running a nutrition consulting business to help people dial in their diet.

There’s more than one online resource to point your clients to for healthy food ideas, keep them motivated, and avoid reverting to their old ways. But one of the best places to find healthy and tasty recipes, dieting strategies, and mouthfuls of motivation is Pinterest.

Want to help your nutrition consulting clients hit their goals? Serve up some of these Pinterest accounts to feed their appetite to lose weight, build muscle, get lean, and improve their health.

1. Healthy Food


Image from Healthy Food Pinterest board by Jessica Wall

If you want to convince your nutrition consulting clients that it is possible to eat healthy food and enjoy it, check out this board by Jessica Wall. There are over 2,000 healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks made from the good stuff like quinoa, kale, squash, eggplant, berries, and more.

2. Kalyn’s Kitchen

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 7.43.57 AM.png


Image from Kalyn’s Kitchen Pinterest

Have a nutrition consulting client who needs to follow a gluten-free diet? It can be a tough diet to adopt with gluten in so many foods. But Kayla’s Kitchen has lots of gluten-free recipes like shrimp cocktail slow-cooker egg muffins, and more. And if you’ve got clients on a low-carb plan to lose weight, get lean, or manage diabetes there’s no shortage of healthy, low-carb recipes in this kitchen.

3. Meal Ideas


      Image from Meal Ideas Pinterest

Want to show your clients how easy it is to make healthy food? Give them some meal ideas from this board. Every food photo looks like it was prepared by a culinary genius. But you don’t have to be a master chef to make these recipes, including sweet potato and kale quesadillas, strawberry caprese salad, honey miso stir fry, and more.

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4. Healthy Dessert


  Image from Healthy Dessert Pinterest

Tell your nutrition consulting clients dessert is off the menu, and it’s a recipe for disaster, deprivation, and binge eating. Yikes. Fortunately, dessert can be healthy, or at least healthier. This board is loaded with sweet treat recipes like protein-packed pumpkin pie bars, no-bake 100-calorie strawberry cheesecake bites, quinoa vanilla pudding, and other easy-to-make good stuff.

5. Health Beckon


  Image from Health Beckon Pinterest

The combination of a healthy diet and smart lifestyle habits can help your nutritional consulting clients fast track their results. You’ll find healthy recipes here like broccoli tots, skinny pumpkin quinoa muffins, healthy breakfast cookies, and even 21 variations to make toast healthy and tasty. This board also offers practical advice on exercise, weight loss, yoga, and health and wellness.

6. Nutritional Wellness


  Image from Nutritional Wellness Pinterest

It’s no secret that people respond to visual cues. And that’s the idea behind this board loaded with infographics about health, fitness, nutrition, disease prevention, and healthy lifestyle choices. Point your nutrition consulting clients to infographics to drink more water, eat more superfoods, choose the right fruits and vegetables for best health, and eat more leafy greens.

7. Daily Health Post


Image from Daily Health Post Pinterest

Daily inspiration and motivation for your nutrition consulting clients starts here. The Daily Health Post delivers practical advice on healthy eating, smoothie recipes, and foods made from nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables like berries, spinach, and other leafy greens. There’s even advice and ideas for a healthy breakfast, the benefits of sleep for weight loss, and strategies for eating clean.

Keep Your Clients Thinking Healthy Thoughts

Got nutritional consulting clients who need a little nudge, a serving of motivation, or recipe ideas to eat healthy, hit their macros and stay within their daily calorie limit? Pinterest boards can provide a great visual to keep them thinking healthy thoughts. Want more information about how to grow your nutrition consulting practice? Check out the AFPA Nutrition & Wellness Certification Programs to expand your scope of practice, and follow AFPA on Pinterest for more nutrition motivation and tips.

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