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6 Podcasts to Help You Prepare for a Career as a Holistic Health Coach

As a holistic health coach, certifications are just the beginning of your education. Although these provide a solid foundation, particularly in learning evidence-based approaches, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of supplementing that knowledge with fresh insights, research, and discussions.

That’s where podcasts can come in handy. They’re easy to fit into other activities, like driving or exercising, so you can gather information on important health topics even while you’re on the go. Making podcasts a regular part of your week can strengthen your own skills as a holistic health coach, and your clients will benefit in the long run.

But with thousands of podcasts available, how do you choose? Here are some options for getting started. Each of these can give you insights on health, fitness, nutrition, and even business, leaving you more inspired and educated.

Full Body Fix Radio

Hosted by Dr. Scott Mills, this podcast focuses on reducing the incidence of pain and improving the way you move, with an emphasis on practical tips that people can use in everyday life. The broad range of topics is appealing, and includes everything from treating digestive issues to getting proper squat form in the gym to handling knee rehab after injury.

Balanced Bites

Two nutrition professionals and expert guests address trendy food topics in this information-packed podcast. Although it leans heavily toward the Paleo diet, the podcast offers a breadth of advice for those who follow other eating plans as well. Since it’s particularly good at answering listener questions, it can give you some perspective on how to handle similar queries when you have clients.

Spartan Up

Hosted by Joe Desena, founder of the Reebok Spartan Race, this podcast focuses on fitness and training, but also throws in a big dose of life advice, like how to live more fully and reduce stress. Being able to help your clients do the same is vital, so learning different strategies for motivation and goal setting will give you a bigger toolbox for client advice. Also, you’re likely to feel inspired yourself, particularly if you’re struggling with feeling motivated to get started on your holistic health coach career path.

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The Tim Ferris Show

Best known as the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferris has become a popular podcaster in large part because of his easy-to-follow strategies on boosting your wellness. His guests offer research-backed advice and provide their own experiences with changing their nutrition or workouts, highlighting what worked and what didn’t. In addition to food and fitness topics, you’ll also find episodes about reducing anxiety, addressing fear, and boosting creativity.

Food Psych

Hosted by registered dietician Christy Harrison, this podcast often delves into the emotional and psychological aspects of eating, such as body image issues, restrictive dieting habits, body confidence, and general diet culture. As a holistic health coach, it’s very likely that you’ll have clients that struggle with issues related to feeling “at war” with their bodies, and this podcast will give you insights about how to talk about those feelings and navigate past them.


Many holistic health clients sign up for coaching with weight loss as part of their goals, and this podcast from ABC news correspondent Mara Schiavocampo gives a valuable perspective on how to get started and keep going. Health and fitness experts cover a number of topics related to weight loss and wellness, including easy meal prep and goal setting.

There are many worthy podcasts, but it can be overwhelming to try to listen to such a wealth of advice. Your best tactic may be to find one or two that resonate with you in a way that’s inspiring and thought-provoking, and set some time aside to catch up on past broadcasts.

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