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10 Resources to Launch Your Holistic Health Coach Career

You’re passionate about holistic nutrition and healthy living, and you’ve decided it’s time—you’re ready to launch your holistic health coach career. However, with nearly 50 percent of new small businesses failing within the first five years, leaping into a new career probably feels daunting.

With the countless blogs, podcasts, and even groups on Facebook that can help guide you as you live your passion and change lives through healthy, holistic living, you’re bound to succeed. Here are 10 career-launching resources to get you started:


Podcasts and Webinars

1. The Holistic Practitioner Podcast is a great place to get inspired and hear from holistic health coaches and other professionals in the industry. The weekly podcast highlights a range of issues, whether it’s the ups and downs of running a holistic nutrition business or how to treat and manage certain health conditions. Listen on iTunes now.

2. Health Coach Solutions has a free, three-part online web series featuring insights into how other health coaches are succeeding—and how you can, too. The series highlights the type of coaching programs that attract the most clients, how to get started even if you’re overwhelmed, the biggest mistakes new health coaches make, and more.

3. Another podcast you’ll want to subscribe to is The Wellness Business Podcast, which offers tips from two industry veterans on growing your holistic health coaching business. Some episode options include “Instagram 101 for Health Coaches” and “How to Price Your Health Coaching Programs.”

Facebook Groups and Pages

4. If you’re on Facebook—and if you’re not, you should consider joining—join The Health Coach Collective with Amy Lippman, a group of nearly 2,000 health and wellness entrepreneurs looking for support and guidance just like you.

5. Another Facebook group worth joining is Health Coach Peer Support, which is a supportive collective of certified health coaches and fitness professionals who brainstorm and share ideas.

6. Karen Pattock has a robust Facebook Page where she does live training sessions, posts blog articles from her website, and offers resources and inspiration for health coaches. A self-proclaimed webinar obsessee, Karen got her start as a certified health coach and is now coaching coaches through webinars and more.

Blogs, Websites, and Free Resources

7. If you’re looking for blogs to follow for inspiration and guidance as you launch your holistic health coach career, Marketing for Health Coaches has 10 Blogs Every Health Coach Should Follow. Some of the blogs offer tips on building your coaching business, career growth, how to find and keep clients, the science of nutrition, and more.

8. The Health Coach Success Hub is the ultimate clearinghouse of blog posts, free tools and resources, flexible training programs, free webinars, and more to help health coaches succeed. The website even has a section devoted exclusively to Holistic Business Essentials to help you succeed as you launch your career and business.

9. Rachel Feldman, a veteran health coach turned business coach for health coaches, has gobs of free tools and resources on her website to help launch your holistic health coach career. Grab her Health Coach Business Starter Kit, Social Media Strategy Guide, and more on her website.

10. The American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) has a great guide to getting started that will help you hone your career goals to ensure you start your holistic health coach journey on the right foot. AHHA emphasizes that one of the most important steps in your holistic health coach career journey is deciding what modality of health services you want to offer. If you’re already interested in establishing an integrated healing center, AHHA has resources for starting that process, too.

As you launch your new career and begin to onboard clients, your energy will be focused on designing personalized diet and lifestyle programs based on your expertise in holistic nutrition and healthy living. With these 10 resources in your arsenal, you can confidently spend more time on what’s truly important—changing the lives of your coaching clients.


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