Five Mistakes I Stopped Making as a Health Coach

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Hear from an experienced health coach all about the mistakes she already made so that you don’t have to make the same ones in this 6.0 unit CEC course.

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6.0 CECs / Video / Handouts / Quiz

Health coaching is both a science and an art. It requires applying evidence-based strategies in coaching conversations while balancing them with what you as a coach know your client needs in any given moment. Many health coaches have learned how to be a great coach on the job. In this course, we want to save you that trouble. You’ll hear from an experienced health coach all about the mistakes she already made so that you don’t have to make the same ones.  

Course Objectives:

  • Describe why coaches giving health advice may be counterproductive to the behavior change process.  
  • Distinguish between affirming and cheerleading statements in the coaching process and determine which is most appropriate for a health coach.  
  • Explain the disadvantages of engaging in small-talk with clients during a coaching conversation.  
  • Describe the importance of waiting until the client is ready before making any specific plans related to a behavior change.  
  • Explore multiple reasons why sticking to the allotted time for a coaching session is necessary for both the coach and the client.  

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Lori Petin (Philadelphia, US)
Health and Wellness Certification Program

Love this program! It makes me look forward to starting my own coaching business. I learned so much. I wish the holistic health section had more information.

CMG (Spring Valley, US)
Great program

The Certified Health and Wellness Coach Program is really great. It is very easy to follow. I like the formatting of it, the practice questions, etc. The lessons are taught very clearly with many examples given. I like that it is mainly videos. I can watch and rewatch them while I am busy with something else at the same time, and I can rewatch at a faster speed. I would definitely recommend this program. The only annoying part is that once the course expires after 6 months, I will not be able to go back to review the information in case I need it, except for the handouts that can be dowloaded. (I take thorough notes. And there are optional books that can be purchased separately. But I can’t review them because I haven’t purchased them.)

Dale Bodden (Cypress, US)

Good content so far. Some presenters are better than others but overall it seems to be a good program. I’ve already learned a lot.

Jeanna Rice (Meridian, US)
Almost 5-Stars!

I really love the content and love that everything being taught is evidence-based. I LOVE that there is some much emphasis on the behavior change part of the coaching process! My only complaint is that sometimes the lectures are long-winded, and it would be nice to be a little more concise. I love that everything is being taught by experts in the field and also those who have hands-on experience!

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