The Ultimate Nutrition Professional Salary Guide

Learn how much you can earn in the nutrition field.

Factors like obesity, out-of-pocket healthcare costs, and rising rates of chronic disease are driving the demand for nutrition professionals. From corporate nutrition consulting to weight management professionals, opportunities are expanding. 

The national median salary for nutrition professionals is about $58,000, with top pay coming in at more than $80,000. But earning potential can vary greatly. How much can you earn as a nutrition professional?

Read this guide to understand:

  • What kind of salary ranges you can expect as a nutrition professional
  • Career opportunities that exist in the field of nutrition
  • Some of the top factors that determine your income
  • Tips for launching your career as a nutrition professional

No matter what you choose, the growing field of nutrition is exciting and rich with earning possibilities. Fill out the form to download the guide!

Learn How Much You Can Make