Are you ready to add plant-based nutrition to your coaching offerings?

Learn how to support your clients in their transition to plant-based eating… so you can charge more, make a bigger impact, and create a sustainable coaching career you love.

Does this sound like you? 

You’re already a health coach… You want to learn about plant-based eating to further support your clients’ health. 

You’re ready to become a coach… You’ve experienced the benefits of plant-based nutrition and want to help others experience the same results. 

You’re curious to learn… You want to explore plant-based eating for yourself or support a loved one on their unique health journey.  

But learning about plant-based nutrition isn’t always straightforward. There’s an overload of complex and sometimes contradictory information online. 

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Learning plant-based nutrition just got simpler.

Understand plant-based nutrition and how to help clients adopt it

Use this free resource as your complete guide to understanding plant-based nutrition and how to help clients adopt it. 

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Clear Explanation. Get an introduction to what a plant-based diet is, including the different definitions and how it compares to vegetarianism and veganism. 
  • Coaching Skills. Learn 10 ways health, wellness, and nutrition professionals like you can support their client who has decided to adopt a plant-based diet. These suggestions are grounded in health behavior change theory.
  • FAQs. Read detailed, research-backed answers to some of the most common questions about plant-based diets, including whether it meets protein needs and how to address potential nutrient deficiencies. 

Get all this and more in one simple, applicable resource today.

Plant-Based Foods for Nutrition

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Learn How to Support Clients in Their Transition to Plant-Based Eating