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The Summer Total Body Workout Plan

For a lot of us, this past winter was the season of hibernation. Now that it’s June, the official start of summer is only days away. This, of course, calls for trips to the beach, cocktails on the porch and barbecues on the weekends. While this all sounds like the perfect start to a memorable summer, low self-esteem can ruin the enjoyment of trading winter layers for a summer-inspired wardrobe. To bring that summer bliss back, we have culled six (three for men and three for women) of our favorite total body workouts to inspire your clients to gain the confidence that they so deserve to enjoy one of the best seasons of the year. And, you can help them burn more calories with these kettlebell moves!

Find the right total body workout plan for you and your clients

Our top summer body workout programs for women

Katrina and Karena

Katrina and Karena, two certified personal trainers, best friends and nutrition coaches have garnered millions of followers on multiple platforms, including YouTube and Instagram. The faces behind Tone It Up!, they built an empire on one simple notion: to support and inspire women of all ages to get fit, healthy and happy and live the lives of their dreams. Grab inspiration from these two and help your clients shape up with these summer body exercises:

Self Magazine

Self Magazine’s “2015 Summer Challenge” is designed to help women get a lean and sculpted figure, just in time for summer. Did we mention Self’s featured trainer is Kayla Itsines? With 2.4 million Instagram followers and counting, Kayla is definitely one of the hottest trainers in fitness right now. Here’s how the 28-day challenge works: The program mixes and matches 10-minute circuits that are designed to sculpt and tone common trouble spots, such as the abs, arms and butt. Register on for free to grab a little inspiration and for a chance to win a few summer-inspired giveaways, too.

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POPSUGAR Fitness is a hub for hundreds of effective workouts, which is why we can’t get enough of the bikini body countdown plan. With this monthlong workout plan, you can find step-by-step inspiration to help your clients feel lean, strong and confident in their bikinis all summer long.

Our top summer body workout programs for men

Muscle and Fitness

The duration of Muscle and Fitness‘s 60-Days to Fit program runs long past the first day of summer. But if your clients are looking to build a stronger, more defined body, this program is sure to help them take a step in the right direction. According to the staff at Muscle and Fitness, “A lot of guys go into the gym, push it as hard as they can for days or weeks at a time, then slow down when they either start to feel burned out or find themselves hampered by nagging injuries. Of course, there’s a better way to train to avoid muscular and central nervous system burnout. This plan is that better way…” For answers to FAQs, click here.

Men’s Health

If your clients are looking to make a comeback, the staff at Men’s Health can give you the inspiration you need to tailor a plan specifically to accomplish that goal. The eight-week training plan, “Get Back in Shape!” combines exercises to target and blast belly-fat and build muscle from head to toe.

Men’s Fitness

Your clients can uncover their six packs with the help of Men’s Fitness. Bonus: this workout doubles as a total body workout because it incorporates explosive exercises, such as jumping jacks and burpees.

Help your clients get even more out of each workout by downloading our guide: “Make the Most of Your Workout with 3 Out of the Box Exercises.” We will walk you through the essential elements of mixing up fitness routines and enhancing creativity to achieve maximum results.

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