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6 Fitness Tips & Tricks to Keep Clients Motivated

We believe that transforming a person’s body will ultimately lead to a transformation of that person’s life – and we want to help you make that transformation a reality for your clients. But with millions of tips to cull through on the internet, as well as in magazines and other fitness resources, how can you determine what ones will be the most effective? 

In today’s post we have compiled a list of our top six fitness tips that will help you cut through the noise. The best part? You can share them with your clients today!

1. Nail Down Goals

Before you start your client on any fitness or nutritional plan, have them decide on their goals first. Whether your client is looking to lose weight or train for a marathon, a simple consultation can help you determine what is going to help your client reach their goal.

One of the best ways to ensure that your client stays on track toward their goal is to plan around it and help them stick to that plan. For example, if your client is trying to lose weight, have them practice meal prepping. Research shows that meal prepping helps to prevent unhealthy snacking and stay on track.

2. Take a Break

Research shows that inadequate rest between workouts can increase your chances for injury; therefore, resting muscle groups between each workout should be just as important as making time for each workout. If your client went on a run one day, have them switch to Pilates or another strength training workout the next to avoid injury and enable efficient rest time.

3. Watch Posture & Form

Pay close attention to your client’s posture and form during each movement and every workout. Not only will proper form decrease the likelihood of an injury, but it will also help get the largest range of motion out of each workout.

4. Make a Diet Plan

A healthy, balanced diet is essential. One of the best ways to maintain healthy energy levels is with the help of a careful, considered diet plan. Have your clients stick to three portioned meals a day, along with healthy snacks between each meal. Your clients should pay close attention to portion size and the timing of each meal or snack. For example, a small snack before and after each workout can help increase energy and help avoid over-consumption after a cardio or strength training session.

5. Don’t be Afraid to Make Modifications

If your clients can’t perform a certain exercise there’s no need to get discouraged. Have them try a variation or modification of the exercise to gain strength. Once the body gets comfortable with the movement, they’ll be able to perform the more advanced variation. For example, if your client can’t perform a pull-up, have them just hang from the bar with their body as still and as strong as possible. This will work the abs, hips and lower back to build strength, while helping your client get more comfortable with the workout.

6. Plan Stretching Routines by Age

As people age, muscles become less pliable, meaning they need to be stretched longer to get the same results. If your client is 40 years or older, have them hold stretches for 60 seconds. If your client is under 40, have them hold their stretch for 30 seconds.

Whether your client is returning from a fitness hiatus or just getting started, these tips will help them build healthy habits and strength overtime.

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