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3 Tricks for Building Endurance & Stamina

As a personal-trainer, you’re always looking for ways to build endurance and help your clients do the same. This, of course, is always easier said than done. For you, maybe you’re trying to accomplish your next marathon. For your new client, however, he or she is likely trying to complete their first mile and finish the last set of burpees. Either way, accomplishing the next goal always feels much more like a fantasy until you finally achieve it.

Tips and tricks for building endurance

1. Take it one day at a time

“If there is one overarching principle of endurance building, this is it.” writes the staff at Active. “Call it gradual adaptation. That is, be consistent, be patient, and build up slowly.” In other words, you wouldn’t run a full, or even a half marathon without training your body to go from zero to sixty. Encourage your client to start slow by accomplishing 1—2 miles to build strength and endurance gradually. Keep in mind, the number of miles they are able to accomplish a few weeks and months down the road will ultimately depend on his or her physical abilities. If your client is overweight and suffers from high cholesterol, for example, he or she is likely going to take more time building endurance than someone who is at an ideal weight for their height.

2. Combine strength days with cardio days

To help your clients build up their endurance faster so they can get more out of their weekly workouts, encourage your client to combine strength training with cardio.”It’s a simple equation: the more muscle you can get working, the more it will challenge your heart and your cardiovascular system,” writes the staff at Men’s Fitness. “Instead of building cardio-only workouts (the pitfall that’ll prevent you from building endurance) make sure to weave strength days into your training.”

If your clients are short on time or constrained to a budget, encourage them to train at home to still achieve optimal results. Performing movements like burpees, snap jumps, squats and mountain climbers, along with cardio, will help your clients burn more calories and blast more fat than ever before. And remember, less is really often more. High intensity interval training, also known as HIIT is one of the best ways to improve endurance, especially if your client is short on time.


3. Carbs are essential

For as long as we can remember, carbs have always been the enemy. But not all carbs should be perceived as negative, especially since they are a fantastic source of glycogen. When you’re training, your body is using more glycogen than normal to keep your body going. Since the intake all depends on the level of training, weight, etc., have your client consult with their nutritionist before committing to a daily serving size.

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