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Frequently Asked Questions from Our Community Members

Every so often, we like to publish some of the more common, most interesting and unique questions we receive about the certificate programs that AFPA offers.  If you have a question we haven’t answered below, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. There is no such thing as a bad question and we love to hear from the health & fitness community!

What certification programs does AFPA offer?

We offer many different certification programs in health coaching, holistic nutrition and personal training.  each are described in detail once you click on the program you are interested in. If you aren’t sure of where to begin your search, our All Certifications page is a great place to start. Once you narrow down what is of most interest to you, please let us know if there are any additional questions you may have.  We also have a great guide on Starting A Career in Nutrition & Fitness.

Are all AFPA courses online?

Depending on the AFPA certification program and/or continuing education program you choose, course materials may be 100% online, have physical materials, downloads, digital video and/or online support activities. Please check course details to determine what is included in your course of interest.  Some certification programs and continuing education courses have online final exams and others you will complete at home and may mail or email your completed requirements.

Does AFPA offer the ability to take exams online?

Yes.  Online testing is the preferred testing method. You will receive your testing results and proof of certification immediately upon completing and passing your exam.  

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What happens if I fail my certification examination?

AFPA certification candidates who do not successfully pass their examination may purchase a retest. Candidates who purchase retests have 30 days from the date of purchase to attempt the examination. Candidates must retest within 2 months of the first testing attempt. There is a $75 retest fee.

How long is my AFPA certification good for?

AFPA credentials are valid for 2 years. In order to maintain AFPA credentials, individuals are required to obtain 16.0 Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s) during each 2-year certification period. CEC/CEU’s may be obtained in a variety of ways. Any organization offering credits for continuing education courses related to fitness, health and/or nutrition would be acceptable towards AFPA re-certification requirements.The fee to renew your certification is $85.00.  For detailed information, click here

How do I renew my AFPA Certification?

In order to maintain AFPA credentials, individuals are required to obtain 16.0 Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s) during each 2 year certification period, complete the AFPA Certification Renewal Application, attach copies of the required documentation and forward via mail or email to our office.

AFPA permits its members to renew multiple credentials with the same 16.0 continuing education credits, (CEC’s) provided the credits are earned during the two (2) year validity period of each credential submitted for renewal. Allowance is made for credits earned after a credential’s expiration date. All applications for renewal must be complete at the time of submission. 

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