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6 Ways to Make Your Clients’ Workouts More Fun

As a personal trainer, it’s important to keep your clients motivated to continue to come back for training sessions time and time again with you. Not only does this help ensure you receive a paycheck, but having a high turn-out also means you must be doing something right. Generally, while clients realize that their training sessions must be taken seriously, they tend to enjoy them more when their personal trainers make more of an effort to make things interesting, and fun. So, what are some techniques you can try to make your clients’ workouts more enjoyable? We’ve got some ideas.

Switch Up the Location

Meeting in the same gym space every week does provide familiarity that many clients appreciate, but it can be a bit dull to workout in the same place all the time. Consider speaking with your clients to find out if they’d be open to the occasional change-up of training location. On nice days, for example, you might consider holding a training session at a local park or on the beach. Switching up the scenery every so often can make workouts more interesting and fun, even if you’re not changing up any of the actual exercises.

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Set Workouts to Music

A little bit of music can go a long way when it comes to keeping workouts fresh and fun. Go the extra mile for your clients by finding out about their specific music tastes, then create playlists to go along with their training sessions. Be sure to keep beats per minute (BPM) in mind as you choose songs. Tracks with higher BPM are ideal for intense cardio, whereas songs with lower BPM are best suited for warm-ups and cool-downs. Load up playlists on your laptop or connect your phone/music player to a portable speaker for best results.

Hold Group Workouts

Group personal training sessions are becoming increasingly popular these days—and for good reason. Group workouts are less expensive for your clients and also give them an opportunity to meet new people who share similar health and fitness goals. If you’re not already holding the occasional group training workout, consider surveying your clients to see how many of them would be interested in giving it a try.

Consider a Contest

Another way to make workouts more fun for your clients is to hold a contest among them. You can be as creative as you want with the goals and rules of the contest, so long as it keeps things interesting and competitive. For example, you might hold a contest to see who can improve their running times the most within a two week period, or who can lose the highest percentage of body fat within a given month. 

Further motivate clients by giving a prize or reward to the winners. A free training session, a gift card to a health foods store, or any other small prize can go a long way in keeping things fun and exciting!

Mix in New Exercises

A lot of times, clients will get “bored” of their workouts (even if they’re challenging) because they become too predictable and routine. Most clients like to be surprised and respond well to having their routines switched up slightly from time to time. As a personal trainer, then, you should always be looking for new exercises to incorporate into your clients’ sessions as a means of challenging them and helping them achieve their goals. 

Join in 

Last but not least, why not join in on your client’s next training session and complete part (or all) of the workout with them? Many clients feel more comfortable in such a situation and also enjoy knowing that their trainer is going through the same exercises and challenges as they are. This can also be a great opportunity for you to demonstrate proper form and posture for certain exercises, so it’s a win-win situation!

Keeping training sessions fun and exciting for your clients isn’t always easy when you’re a personal trainer. However, by giving these tips a try, you might be surprised to see just how much fun both you and your clients have in your next workout and how much your satisfaction ratings improve as a result.

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