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Join Us May 13-15, 2016!

21st Annual AFPA Fitness, Trainer, Sports and Mind Body Conference  

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Learn the latest research, training techniques, health and wellness trends, and breakthrough performance methods used by top professionals throughout the world

  • A 3-day Fitness, Trainer , Sports and  Mind Body Education Conference
  • Over 9 sessions every hour, featuring world-renowned  educators leading over 100 sessions
  • Pre-Conference Specialty Workshops
  • Continuing Education Credits (CEC) to renew your certification
  • The highest quality experience at price you can afford
  • Get educated, inspired and recharged!

May 13-15, 2016
Pre-conference – Thursday, May 13, 2016
General Conference – Friday May 14 & Saturday, May 15

Any and all fitness enthusiasts, fitness professionals, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, program directors, youth and athletic coaches, physical therapists, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, strength trainers, facility owners, sports conditioning specialist and nutrition consultants.


Hilton Suites Oceanfront

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Full conference on-site registration: $289.00  
One-day on-site registration: $199.00

This conference may provide you with up to 16 AFPA continuing education credits. CECs may be offered by AFPA, ACE, AEA, AFAA, and NASM. AFPA is recognized by the American Council on Exercise as a continuing education specialist.  Continuing education credits may be offered from other organizations. AFPA does not determine which sessions qualify for credit or the number of credits. Please contact your certifying agency with any questions, or if your agency is not listed to find out whether you can petition for CEC’s. CEC grid is posted on the AFPA Website under the conference details.

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2014 Conference Agenda and Presenters:

Mitchell D. Hauschildt, M.A., A.T.C., C.S.C.S 

Founder and president of Maximum Training Solutions, LLC.  Over the years, MTS has worked with variety of clients including Division I Universities, private physical therapy clinics, large market health systems, personal training studios, and high schools.  As a Sports Medicine Instructor for TRX™ and a Master Instructor for Innovative Fitness Solutions (Ultimate Sandbag Training), Mitch has trained professional athletes in MLB, the NFLMLS as well as numerous Olympic Athletes.  He works with all populations and currently serves as the Prevention, Rehab, and Physical Performance Coordinator for 16 sports, as well as the strength and conditioning coach forWomen’s basketball and Volleyball a Missouri State University.

PROvention Training: Bridging the Gap Between Training and Rehab (L) – Mitchell Hauschildt
If you have athletic clients who are done rehabilitating from an injury, but are not quite ready to engage in high-level training (or return to full participation in a particular sport), this session is for you. Join us as we take a look at the performance-training continuum. Movement efficiency and motor learning will be discussed, as they are critical factors in developing high-performance athleticism. We will discuss how to return to multidirectional movement, in order to help your clients to get back to serious performance training.

Unlocking Movement: Evaluation (L) Mitchell Hauschildt
The quality of a client or athlete’s movement is closely tied to their potential performance and resilience to injury. In this session you will have the opportunity to evaluate and understand quality movement as well as increase your ability to identify and coach it.  Through applicable techniques and exercises, you will learn to develop a stronger knowledge of training movement, adaptability, stability foundations, motor control, and more.

Unlocking Movement:  Corrective Exercise (WS) Mitchell Hauschildt 
You will learn how to determine if movement dysfunction is a mobility or stability problem, what stability really is and how to work on it, fast, effective methods to improve flexibility, how to improve movement quality, program design strategies and exercise selection guidelines for muscular imbalances, how to turn mainstream exercises into powerful corrective exercises, how to do corrective exercise with your clients and still deliver a powerful training effect to help your clients.

3 Mobility Restrictions that are Impairing Your Clients (WS) – Mitchell Hauschildt
Discussed will be the do’s and do not’s of corrective exercise, which exercises are the best for specific conditions and limitations and why you should be showing your clients, friends and family members these exercises for optimal movement and performance

Joy McCarthy

is a certified holistic nutritionist (CNP,  RNCP), founder of and wellness clinic Joyous Health, where she consults a global community of clients and teaches workshops. Bestselling author of “JOYOUS HEALTH: Eat & Live Well without Dieting,” she is also a faculty member at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Joy is an international speaker, and a featured nutrition expert on Global TV’s “The Morning Show” and CBC’s “Steven & Chris,” which also airs on ABC’s Live Well Network.

Healthy Gut Leads To A Healthy Brain and Body (L) – Joy McCarthy
Digestion is truly the foundation of good health. However, it can also be the root of disease. Learn the connection between gut health and mental health, immune system, skin health and more. Joy will discuss 4 important steps to improve digestion: What to remove, What to add, Proper Supplementation and Lifestyle Habits.

Detoxification 101: Superfoods, Supplements & Lifestyle Habits to Lower Your Toxic Load (L) – Joy McCarthy
Did you know that the average person is exposed to 126 chemical toxins by the time they leave their home at 9am to travel to work according to the Environmental Working Group. Unfortunately toxins are in the air we breathe, the products we use on our skin, pharmaceuticals, food and more. Learn the top detox superfoods to support your body’s detox pathways, the best supplements to aid the body in the removal of harmful toxins and lifestyle habits to engage in every single day to support the body.

Key Nutrients, Proper Nutrition & Lifestyle Habits to Combat the Negative Effects of Stress (L) – Joy McCarthy
Stress is the leading cause of 99% of illness in North America. Chronic stress fuels fat storage hormones, weakens the immune system, lowers libido, increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes plus it promotes depression, anxiety and more. Learn the difference between chronic vs acute stress, the metabolic effects of stress and how to support the body through stress. Key nutrients, proper nutrition and lifestyle habits will all be discussed.


Tony is the Sr. Nutritionist for Pfizer Inc. and adjunct professor with the Dept of Sports Sciences at Long Island University in Brooklyn NY. He is the founder and director of RICCI –Elite Performance & Nutrition and serves as advisor and International Faculty of the Bangladesh Institute of Sports Science (BISS). Tony is a former competitive Olympic lifter, Mr. Eastern USA bodybuilding champion, and holds Black Belts in multiple combat disciplines. He has trained thousands with objectives ranging from improved fitness to Olympic competition, including professionals in ballet, figure skating, US cycling, modeling, fitness competition, swimming, football, bodybuilding, power lifting, baseball, boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts.

Considerations for Training Athletes in Fight Sports (L) – Tony Ricci
Tony will highlight factors to be included in the assessment of athletes participating in fight sports. Additionally, the energy systems and biomotor abilities required in fight sports will be examined, and training protocols and strategies, such as periodization models, metabolic conditioning, bodyweight training and plyometrics, for enhancing performance will be afforded through Power Point, Video, and Hands-On Application. The concepts, techniques, and training strategies provided in this presentation are not only effective for the fight sport athlete, but can be integrated into a variety of different exercise training programs and practices.

Nutritional Supplements and Ergogenic Aids for Strength and Power Athletes (L) – Tony Ricci
Athletes are inundated with over-the-counter supplement options, Coupled with the principle that the serious athlete will take a broad range of ergogenic aids if they, or someone they believe in, assumes it will increase their performance level, successfully navigating an athlete through such confusion is a challenge for the Sports Nutritionists. Join Tony to learn what the research is telling us, and why supplementation should be a viable practice for high level strength and power athletes. Additionally, this presentation will help us discern as to which supplements are worth the money, and what we need to look for to ensure the purchase of a quality product.

Nutrient & Supplement Timing: Before, During & After Exercise (L) – Tony Ricci
Proper nutritional practice is imperative for optimizing recovery from exercise. Following an intense training session or competition, the body is primarily in a catabolic state. For recovery and positive adaptations to occur at the most optimal rate, we must create a shift from this catabolic state to an anabolic one. Consuming the proper pre-exercise, during exercise, and post-exercise nutrition, and doing so with optimal timing, is critical for this desirable transition to occur. This presentation will discuss how to attenuate excessive catabolic shifting from training, and how to optimize an anabolic window, with food substrate and supplementation for athletes of all disciplines. 

Brian Bradley, B.S.

Brian is the Vice President of Therapy Protocol for the Egoscue Method. Brian has over 19 years experience in the Fitness and Athletic Training industry. He speaks internationally on the topics of Posture, Pain and Performance and has treated clients such as Jack Welch, John Lynch, Jack Nicklaus and Anthony Robbins. Brian is the author of Egoscue Posture Solutions.  Posture and Pain are my passion and bringing this work to anyone and everyone is not only easy, it is very, very rewarding. To see someone go from disability and depression due to chronic pain…and transform into the person they were meant to be is, for a lack of better words, AWESOME!

Comprehensive Low Back Pain Exercise Prescription:  5 Top Exercises (L) – Brian Bradley
Statistically, more than 30 million American adults are suffering low back pain, either acute or chronic, at any given time.  That means that many of your customers either have pain or know of people with these symptoms.  During this workshop, you will learn 5 focused and very effective exercises that are related to the “release” of someone’s over-compensated low back musculature.  The result will be a hip driven spinal movement and a path to live Pain Free. *Learn “why” and “how” Egoscue has been the World Leader in Non-Medical Pain Relief for over 40 years *Understand comprehensive movements from start to finish. *Discuss low back remedies and research myths.

Spinal Rotation to Promote Thoracic Spine Mobilization & Stabilization (L) – Brian Bradley
In this dynamic presentation, industry leader Brian Bradley will teach you how to use hip, spine and shoulder directed spinal rotation exercises focused on creating a functional kinematic sequence…no matter what the movement.  The thoracic spine is a functional 3-D cage capable of reacting, compensating and causing significant reactions in all parts of the body.  Basically, it is the core connection between the scapulae and pelvis, ensuring functional hip extension.  True hip extension is crucial to all movements to assure a Pain Free life.  In order to challenge your client’s body, it is essential to integrate these specific rotational movements daily…standing, sitting, kneeling and supine.  Be ready with your ideas and questions for this thought provoking, interactive workshop.

Solutions!  Upper Cross Syndrome Addressed with Traditional Weight Training (L) – Brian Bradley
Always an attendee favorite, be sure to register early.  How can someone train at a HIIT level when their body is recruiting compensated movement patterns just to perform simple daily tasks.  In this interactive workshop, discover how to easily identify UCS, as defined by Vladamir Janda, while observing static posture, transitional movement and Gait Analysis to find a way to provide your clientele a functional alternative to this very common, technology induced, epidemic.  Addressing UCS through this systematic process can help protect your clients from injuries and maximize their training results.  Emphasizing correct actions is our focus by implementing directed, effective workout regimens that you can utilize immediately in your studio or gym. * You will walk away with many ideas and movements to immediately improve your ability to assess and correct Upper Cross Syndrome. *The beauty of traditional weight training movements is that most of your clientele has experienced it while growing up back in the day when they didn’t have any chronic pain issues.  With a few tweaks here and there, they can easily reap the benefits.

Disrupting Compensation & Training the Deep Stabilizing System (Scapular Tilt + Pelvic Tilt) (L) – B. Bradley
Back by popular demand and always an attendee favorite because it addresses a very important topic that not many practitioners are willing to talk about…the Deep Stabilizing System and the role in oxygen capacity…made simple!  Scapular+Pelvic Tilt will tell you everything you need to know during this functional chain specific workshop.   Learn to assess scapular position, rib cage alignment and pelvic girdle tilt as this unique form of disruptive training focuses on the functional muscular/fascia connection.  You will be utilizing multiple positions, floor-sitting-standing,  to facilitate progressive movements, including the famous East-West Breathing techniques.  These key fundamentals are critical to training success, especially balance challenged clients and high level athletes (who rely on O2 consumption to be maximal)

Scott Josephson, MS RD 

Scott is a national-level conference speaker throughout the United States and Canada, a recipient of numerous awards and is frequently published covering a wide range of industry topics. In addition to several certifications, he holds a degree from the University of Miami.   

He is the recipient of the Director of the Year for Teaching Excellence, the Specialty Presenter of the Year for the Canadian Fitness Professionals and Associates, and is on the boards of The American Fitness Professionals and Associates, and the International Advisory Board of the Canadian Fitness Professionals.

Sports Nutrition, Eating For Energy And Performance! (L) – Scott Josephson

Did you know we eat approximately 50,000,000 calories in our lifetime? If you’re an athlete I hope you’re hungry because you need a lot more! There’s a huge fundamental difference between fitness and an athletic intake. Training like a pro requires eating like one! This lecture will cover several steps for specific nutrient timing, calorie intake, and caloric quantities, helping hormones and the role of phytoestrogens, probiotics and antioxidants for the rookie to the pro! Understand how they play a vital role and their contributions to optimal health! This is a unique and highly informative session on nutrition and dietary practices. If you want to gain solid and useful information, then this is perfect for you. Sports nutrition is the core component to any program!  Learn the strategies and preparation to give you the advantage you work out so hard for! The champion eating plan; dig in!

The Paleo Diet…Yes, No, Maybe So? (L) – Scott Josephson
So what is Paleolithic Nutrition? Simply stated; it is the science of what our pre-historic ancestors ate for millions of years of hominid evolution long before the development of civilization and agriculture approximately 10,000 years ago. The general dietary premise is that human beings have not yet evolved past the Paleolithic era biologically, and therefore, we should not be eating neolithic agriculturally produced foods. Could this be accurate? Paleo advocates support the notion that hunters and gathers did not suffer from chronic diseases, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease or cancer. Can this dietary philosophy avoid the pitfalls of auto-immune diseases and disorders that are a direct result of foods that must be processed to be made edible? In reality, our ancestors hunted naked, and were armed only with a sharp stick!  The Paleo or Caveman diet is not without controversy, since we have adapted to a broader diet including whole grains, dairy and legumes. Currently, there are numerous options for tweaking your approach based individual differences and athletic goals, so let’s dive in head first and figure out the pros, cons do’s, don’ts trade-offs and compromises.

Women’s Symposium (L)  – Scott Josephson
Learn the specifics and special concerns of women including peri-menopausal challenges, gender differences, muscle strength, body composition, metabolism, the hormonal roller coaster and physiological factors that play an enormous role in cardiovascular and weight training programs.  Women experience consistent hormone fluctuations that have an impact on how they feel and function, while other hormones play a specific role in determining fat storage and utilization. In addition, higher estrogen levels compared to progesterone levels can have a substantial impact on fat loss, and HGH and DHEA can rapidly decline, severely affecting the ability to burn calories efficiently. Together this creates the perfect storm for women’s related issues and weight fluctuation. Additionally, a woman’s metabolic rate is affected by several factors including fuel availability, genetic disposition, dietary intake and hormonal fluctuations. Learn and explore the practical link between the physiological and functional needs to create a superb training program for women, and determine the appropriate dietary intake and energy expenditure guidelines for a lifetime! Understanding specific nutrient quantities of protein, fat and carbohydrate intake in-conjunction with various exercise protocols, will make a tremendous difference in a woman’s physique! This lecture explores fact vs. fiction for athletic performance, weight management, EPOC and exercise after burn. Rev up!

Joshua Henkin, CSCS

Josh has been a leader in the fitness and sports performance industry for the past 20 years. Coach Henkin began to develop his innovative Dynamic Variable Resistance Training™ (DVRT) in 2005. The success of Coach Henkin’s DVRT and Ultimate Sandbag™ program has allowed him the opportunity to lecture and write extensively on variable resistance and functional based training. Coach Henkin is a best-selling author, with three books and over 100 articles published. His work has been seen in mainstream publications such as “Men’s Health”, “Experience Life Magazine”, “SWAT Magazine”, “SHAPE Magazine”, “Testosterone Magazine”, and “The Crossfit Journal”. Coach Henkin has shared his DVRT program in over fifteen countries and has spoken at several international conferences. In 2009, Coach Henkin received the great honor of developing the program “SELECTED”, which was commissioned by the US Army Special Forces Recruiting Battalion to aid in their selection process.

Cutting Edge Research on Fat Loss Programming (L) – Josh Henkin
Our clients rely on us to provide the best strategies to help reach their goals. Find out why your workouts may be falling prey to outdated training ideas and exercises. Learn how to take what science is teaching us in the laboratory and quickly take it to the gym to help you create innovative fitness programs.

Innovative Interval Strength Training Programs (WS) – Josh Henkin
From Tabata to high intensity circuit training, intervals are all the rage. However, what are many fitness programs doing WRONG in using these interval styles of training? This hands-on will take you through proper progressions and programming that will make your HIIT class stand out from the rest.

21st Century Core Training Workouts (WS) – Josh Henkin
Think your core workouts are cutting edge? Find out why planks, crunches, and many popular core exercises are just not cutting it. We know more about the body than ever, don’t let innovative new research leave your training badly outdated. Learn new progressive core exercises that will take your core training to new heights!

Ultimate Sandbag Training Foundational Programs (WS) – Josh Henkin
How do you achieve strength and flexibility? Conditioning and agility? Stability and fat loss all at once? Learn why Ultimate Sandbag Training has quickly been redefining fitness programming for top fitness facilities, sports teams, and military units. Find out how to quickly develop literally hundreds of dynamic exercises for any fitness level and goal that will offer instant results! 

Bill Sonnemaker, MS

Bill is an internationally sought after exercise physiologist, personal trainer and educator. His impressive credentials, first-class science education, and numerous national and international awards distinguish him as a cutting edge leader in the fitness industry. In 2007, Bill received both the IDEA International Personal Trainer of the Year and the NASM Pursuit of Excellence awards. He is recognized worldwide by his peers in the health and fitness industry as a highly motivated and committed leader and advocate for the advancement of fitness professionals’ training and competency standards.

Top 10+ Business Tips for Success (L) – Bill Sonnemaker
Are you a great trainer that knows how to train and connects well with clients but is struggling financially or not reaching your financial potential?   In this session Attendees will learn the Top 10+ Things they need to have in place to run a successful personal training business. Each topic covered includes a clear explanation and plan of action for implementing these business tested and proven strategies.

10+ World Class Solutions for Common Everyday Issues
(WS) – Bill Sonnemaker
Have you ever wondered how your favorite Educators produce those magic moments with clients or attendees at conferences? How they seem to know exactly where to go and what to do when the person they are working with complains of a pain or problem, sometimes even before they speak? In this session, attendees will uncover and get to experience first hand the Science (the “Why”) and the Magic (the “Wow”) that Clients exclaim when receiving immediate results and improvements. Attendees will be able to return to work on “Monday” and amaze their Clients with all the new the “Tricks” they have learned.

Low Impact/Joint Friendly Metabolic Training:  Training Smart Not Just Harder!  (WS) – Bill Sonnemaker
Metabolic Training Programs are all the rage these days because of their ability to burn tremendous amounts of calories while melting away the fat and replacing it with lean muscle tissue in as little time as possible. However, many participants are being injured due to the modalities they use coupled with improper exercise technique and a lack of program design. This session begins with a review of the research and examines the scientific rationale and acute variables necessary to elicit the sought after results. The hands-on portion takes Attendees through a complete Total Body Nightmare (workout) that is sure to leave Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street quaking in his boots while not increasing his risk of joint or soft tissue injuries.

Forced Reps
(WS) – Bill Sonnemaker
“Forced Reps” is the practice of a Trainer or Partner providing manual resistance to the person exercising. Not only is this a great way of performing “Activation” exercises for under active tissues in a Movement Prep and or Pre-hab/Post-rehab training environment.  It is also an excellent way to challenge the myofascial and energetic systems without negatively overloading the skeletal (joint) systems. In this session attendees will learn new ways to challenge their clients and bring about positive changes by targeting specific muscles/myofascial lines and movement patterns.

Gwen Lawrence 

Gwen’s unique combination of dance, massage and yoga training experience, coupled with her extensive knowledge of anatomy, and nutrition, provide her clients with overwhelming benefits. Gwen is the yoga instructor for 5 Pro teams in NY, including 15 seasons with the NY Giants. Her writing appears in Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Yoga Journal, Cosmo, Details and,, She makes regular appearances on NBC TODAY show, Good Day NY, Dr. Oz . She was featured in  ESPN Magazine at the “Best innovation in Sports Medicine”.

Abdominal Back Bonanza (WS) – Gwen Lawrence
Join Gwen with this kick butt core practice, sweat, laugh, burn, and breathe as she takes time to warm up the vulnerable back with specific hybrid yoga techniques to ready it for intensive vinyasa flow that targets the abdominal Power.  We will twist to detox and realign, crunch and squeeze with precision moves to leave you loving life yoga and your new found strength.  A full class broken down into warm up, specific targeted flow cool down and well deserved relaxation.

Hips are Hot (WS) – Gwen Lawrence
Gwen opens the hip without mercy, gently persuades the flexibility of the hips and eases the knees and back:  there are orthopedic studies that show the more open and supple the hips are the less the amount of stress and strain on the most vulnerable joint of the body, the knee.  When we workout, play sports, or are weekend warriors bumps in our roads, abrupt movements all create energy movement throughout the body, if your hips are not flexible enough to absorb shock the knee will suffer.  I will take time to warm you up and dig deep into the hips to persuade them to open with tough love, then we will hold long deep stretches to create the ultimate healthy synergized body.

Yin Sane (WS) – Gwen Lawrence
Practice this mentally challenging class of long deep holds that increase flexibility and metal toughness and open the body like you never felt before…great compliment to your high energy classes:  techniques I use to change the way my Pro’s see their body and stretch.  I use long deep holds to identify imbalances and weaknesses that can potentially become injuries.  An amazing by product of the practice is the use of breath to deepen your stretch and injection of mental toughness and focus that all fitness professionals seem to thrive on.

Fit Body Yoga(WS) – Gwen Lawrence
A hybrid yoga workout designed like Gwen’s internationally recognized Fit Body Yoga DVD with Gaiam: a energized challenging practice geared toward enticing the not normally Yoga inspired to try and fall in love with yoga, as well helps the yogi appreciate the skills and strength of the fitness professional and enthusiast.  Based on the Best Selling international Fit Body Yoga DVD by Gaiam starring Gwen Lawrence. 

Melissa Baumgartner

Melissa gives back to the fitness industry as an International Training Specialist for AFAA, a Subject Matter Expert for ACE and a Premier Consultant for Sunshine Fitness Resources.  Present at numerous topics at several fitness conferences to include; IDEA, Can Fit Pro, SCW, ECA, DCAC, AFPA, Club Industry, APEX Latin America, APEX Europe and APEX Asia.  

As a coach, motivational speaker and author, Melissa has partnered with organizations such as CIGNA and PAS to create and deliver detailed trainings encompassing all aspects of health, wellness and life/work management skills to several Fortune 500 companies; as well as various fire, police and school districts.

Coaching and Training with Emotional Intelligence  – Melisa Baumgartner
Your ability to guide your clients forward towards their goals is directly influenced by your ability as a coach to tie their internal motivator to a positive emotion that has powerful meaning for your client; this is the essence of using emotional intelligence in your coaching/ personal training practice. In this workshop you will understand how to work with, relate to and motivate your clients more effectively using a basic skill set from Emotional Intelligence.

Conscious Living –The Gateway to Wellness – Melissa Baumgartner
When our clients choose to bring awareness and self-responsibility to their everyday life, only then will they see change inside and out.  In this workshop learn insightful techniques to guide our clients to a wholeness approach of wellness, as well as practical tools for putting that knowledge into practice.

Teaching Resilience to our Clients for Better Results (L) – Melissa Baumgartner
Stress can be your client’s number one obstacle to getting what they want out of life. By implementing resilience education in our sessions, we are passing on a new skill set to increase intrinsic motivation. Our clients learn to bounce back quicker from setbacks, therefore reaching their goals much quicker.

The Pursuit of Authentic Happiness and Well-being
(L) – Melissa Baumgartner
For over 50 years experts have been exploring what makes people happy.  In this workshop we study the works of past and current researchers in the field of “Happiness” to help us better understand what drives our clients to make the choices they make.  Along with this new-found knowledge you are also
given multiple tools, exercises and gifts to share with your clients, to facilitate long-lasting lifestyle behavior change.


Cody Sipe, PhD

is an experienced professor, researcher and fitness professional with advanced expertise in functional exercise and aging. As an author and speaker, he has shared his innovative, evidence-based functional training techniques for aging adults with thousands of fitness professionals around the world. As Vice President of the Functional Aging Institute and creator of the Functional Aging Specialist Certification, Cody’s mission is to educate, empower and inspire fitness professionals to take a holistic functional approach to exercise for their older clients.

Managing Clients w/ Chronic Disease (L)– Cody Sipe
Want to know more about how to deal effectively and safely with diseased clients but don’t have time to read the whole textbook?  Then this cut-to-the-chase, nuts and bolts session is just for you.  Quickly learn the basics of major diseases (etiology, pathology, co-morbidities); established exercise guidelines for their treatment; and practical insights about working with these clients.  This session will cover hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia.

Functional Circuits for Aging Clients (WS) – Cody Sipe
Exercise circuits are an efficient and engaging way to train small and large groups.  However, developing circuits that meet the diverse needs and desires of older clients can be challenging.  This session will teach you an easy to use method for developing functional circuits that has been proven effective with a wide range of mature clients.  You will walk away with several scripted circuits that you can start using right away.

Dan Ritchie, PhD 

Dan is a recognized leader in exercise programming for older adults and was honored with the 2014 Personal Trainer of the Year award by Personal Fitness Professional magazine. He has a broad background in the fitness industry in training and management that has included commercial, non-profit, hospital and university-based facilities. During his career, Dan has worked successfully with Division I athletes as well as with special populations including post-stroke, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia and Alzheimer’s. He is the President of the Functional Aging Institute and co-owner of Miracles Fitness, a 1-1 and small group training facility specializing in mature clients.

The Perfect Storm! (L)  - Dan Richie
The 55+ age group is the fastest-growing in the world and in the fitness industry.  Learn how to capitalize on this tremendous opportunity that 95% of trainers are passing up.  This session will teach you key characteristics of these potential clients; effective marketing strategies; essential training techniques; and much more.  Learn how to build a unique, successful business that is poised for explosive growth.

How to Develop a Dynamic Small Group Personal Training Program for Boomers and Seniors (L) – Dan Richie
Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) is perfect for older clients.  They love the personalized attention, social interaction and motivation that they get from it.  But the diverse health, fitness and functional abilities of older clients can make it difficult for the trainer to handle.  Turn your older clients into raving fans by creating awesome small group sessions that are completely manageable for you and meet their diverse individual needs.

Functional Fitness Assessment for Mature Adults (WS) – Dan Richie   Assessing functional capacity is critical to developing safe and effective exercise programs for older clients and the standard fitness tests just don’t cut it.  This session will teach you how to conduct meaningful assessments of function (functional strength, agility, balance, etc.) and how to interpret the results so that you can create the most effective and engaging programs for your mature clients.

Marc Lebert, BA

has his BA in Psychology and is a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner. Marc is a published writer and international presenter, running educational courses and motiva- tional seminars around the world. He was voted Top 100 Fitness Entrepreneurs in the Industry by and Silver Lining Top 10 Entrepreneurs Award; and is the inventor of the Lebert Equalizer, the Lebert Buddy System and the Lebert Stretch Strap, used by Personal Trainers, fitness clubs, gyms, schools and sports centres all over the world.

LTS: LeBOOT! (WS) – Marc Lebert
This EPIC bootcamp style workout combines old school strength training moves, agility drills, muscle endurance work and 100 exercises (on handout) with the amazing portable Equalizer™ and Buddy System™! We will be combining compound movements with intense isolation and blurring the lines between aerobic and anaerobic. Add in some “Giant” and “Super” sets with the Equalizer™ and Buddy System™ combo and you are going to write home about this one! (If you can hold a pen or type with your elbows!)

LTS: Cool New Tools and Programming for Boot Camps & Group Ex! (WS) – Marc Lebert
This session is sure to keep your Group X and Boot Camp sessions fresh, fun and challenging with the amazing portable Equalizer™ and Buddy System™! Everything from agility and mobility drills, compound bodyweight movements, unique uni-lateral rowing and manual resistance exercises, partner training, athletic conditioning drill sequences, unique class programming and more! Your toolbox will be full after this one!

LTS: Tandem Buddy System Training! (WS) –Adam Ferguson & Marc Lebert
Great workouts start with a Buddy! This session pairs people up with flowing, dynamic and unique exercises using the new Lebert Buddy System. Stay connected and engaged with hundreds of exercises and unlimited planes, anti-rotation, extended sets of muscle endurance and quick exercise transitions. Group ex and small operators will benefit by using less equipment and see how a little teamwork and friendly competition can really maximize effort levels and results! Bring a Buddy to this one.

Jenn Hall

Jen is an international dance and fitness presenter and loves her job! After retiring from dancing professionally with artists such as Beyoncè, Jenn shifted her focus to fitness. She is the Education Director for Lebert Training Systems, creator of LTS LeBarre, a Reebok Athlete and Dance Fitness Expert, a Master Trainer for several companies and teaches in the kinesiology department at Georgia State University.  Jenn is also an active choreographer, wife and mom.

LTS:LeBARRE! (WS) – Jenn Hall
Taking the hottest trend in dance-inspired conditioning and using a “make-sense progression” to create a format suitable for every level of exerciser, LeBARRE is a session like no other! Using the portable Equalizer™ this session combines balance, agility, resistance, working recovery and eloquence into a challenging full-body workout. Use the exercises alone or in unique sequencing patterns provided to create an entire LeBARRE program! No dance experience or pink tights required! 

Leigh Crews

Leigh is the IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year award winner for 2011 and the founder of Dynalife, Inc., a company dedicated to innovative fitness education. She is a Senior Master Trainer for TRXR Suspension Training and a Program Developer for BatukaR. Leigh also serves as an official spokesperson for ACE, a media expert for ACSM and is certified by ACE, ACSM, and White Lotus Foundation. An international presenter and “trainer’s trainer”, Leigh has appeared on CNN and Headline News, starred in a number of exercise videos and written articles for industry and consumer media.

Finding Your Passion in Fitness (L)— Leigh Crews
Your passion is fitness, but there are hundreds of fitness “niches”. Which ones are a perfect fit with your talent and style? In this engaging lecture, 2011 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year Leigh Crews uses the science of personality testing and examples from 25+ years in fitness to guide you toward tailor-made career choices.

HIIT or Miss (out) (WS)— Leigh Crews
Are you taking advantage of the #1 trend in the fitness industry? In this workshop, Leigh explores HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and debunks current Tabata myths. Get HIIT design tips, specific exercises and variations, ready-made for your current classes, using little or no equipment. Take away four unique models for HIIT classes.

HIIT Training for Active Older Adults (WS) — Leigh Crews
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the #1 trend in fitness for 2014. Can active older adults benefit from HIIT? Find out in this discussion of physical challenges older adults bring to class and the right exercises to improve functionality, balance and mobility. The session wraps with a HIIT class designed for active older adults.

Interactive Games (WS) — Leigh Crews
Experience the best games and drills from the popular “Interactive Games” series by 2011 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year Leigh Crews. Plus, bonus material, never before presented. Get great ideas to increase adherence by incorporating play into group fitness classes and upping the fun factor in small group training sessions. No theory here, just a fun workout for all fitness levels. 

Dr. Perry Nickelston, DC, FMS, SFMA

Perry is a Chiropractic Physician with primary focus on Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, and Metabolic Fitness Nutrition and trained from The American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders. He is an expert in myofascial, orthopedic, medical and trigger point soft tissue therapy. A member of the Board of Directors and Medical Staff Advisor for AIMLA (American Institute of Medical Laser Application). Dr. Perry teaches healthcare professionals all over the world how to successfully use Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy in alleviating pain. 

The 3′B’s of Powerhouse Movement (L) – Perry Nickelston
How the Big Toe, Butt, and Belly work as a functional unit for power and stability. Learn how to assess their relationship and discover how this unit impacts rotational force. How to restore dysfunctional 3B patterns using balls, bands, straps, and corrective bodyweight patterns. Discover the 3B inchpin to athletic performance and how the 3B’s may be the most overlooked cause of chronic musculoskeletal pain.

The Abdominal Obliques: Linchpins to Optimal Performance (L) – Perry Nickelston
Dysfunctional obliques rarely if ever hurt, but they cause chaos in the system.  Learn the role of the abdominal obliques muscles in the movement subsystems of the body. The impact on running patterns and fascial sling dynamics. How they are linked to thoracic spine mobility restrictions and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Why the internal oblique should be considered part of the Intrinsic Core stability system. Learn why ‘if you hit a training plateau or have musculoskeletal pain, you have an oblique problem.’ Special attention to the Pallof Press and side bending assessment.

Movement Linchpins: Top 6 Mobility Restrictions and Why They Keep Locking Down (L)  – Perry Nickelston
Learn the Stop Chasing Pain ‘RAIL Reset System’ for the Top 6 mobility restrictions. Learn the relationship between stability and mobility restrictions and how patterning force transmission in movement is the reducing injury. How to use balls, bands, rollers, and easy correctives to reset mobility problems. Integrating the correctives intoyour programming in just 5-minutes. No more 20 minute soft tissue warm-ups. Take back and implement with clients right after the workshop. How increasing mobility in one particular joint can benefit e very joint in the body. 

Mike Fitch

Mike is a fitness innovator focused on bodyweight training, skills-based practices, and multi-planar, fluid movement. As the Founder/President of Global Bodyweight Training (GBT), he has developed numerous projects providing training, education, and promotion of bodyweight training disciplines, and is the creator of the popular Animal Flow program. He’s been featured in Men’s Health, Shape, and Fitness Magazine, as well as on The Doctor’s, Good Morning America, and LIVE with Kelly and Michael.

The Animal Flow Workout:  An Introduction (WS) – Mike Fitch
Animal Flow® is an innovative new fitness program that combines quadrupedal and ground based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout emphasizing multi-planar, fluid movement. During this interactive workshop, Mike Fitch, the program’s creator, will lead participants through an extended Animal Flow class, covering each of the program components. By the end of the session, participants will have gained an understanding of the program’s key elements, and will be able to perform their first Flow.

Quadrupedal Movement: The Benefits of Getting Down on the Ground (WS) – Mike Fitch
Exercise that uses quadrupedal and ground-based movement can produce amazing results for mobility, flexibility, stability, power, endurance, skills, and neuromuscular development. Having all four limbs connected to the ground is incredibly effective as closed-chain, multi-planar, functional movement. In this interactive lecture, Mike Fitch uses examples from his own Animal Flow workout program to explore the exercise science concepts that make these movements so effective. Participants will engage in trying out the moves and feeling for themselves how their body connects and reacts these exercises and changes in leverage.

Accumulative & Regressive Bodyweight training (WS) – Mike Fitch
Accumulative and Regressive training are two important techniques for progressing a skills-based bodyweight training program.  Since more advanced bodyweight exercise place a higher emphasis on maximal strength, balance and coordinating movements, one must incorporate practice and conditioning prepares one for increased neuromuscular and neural loads.  Mike Fitch will provide an introduction to the concepts of accumulative and regressive bodyweight training, teaching how and why these techniques work, as well as discussing how to incorporate these methods into a skills-based, progressive bodyweight training program.  Live demonstrations will illustrate the concepts presented, and participants will have the opportunity to try out some example sets.

Progressive Threshhold Training:  Using the Pistol Squat (WS) – Mike Fitch
Progressive bodyweight training has become incredibly popular, generating renewed excitement and interest in learning the big bodyweight moves including pistol squats, handstand push-ups, human flags, and more.  Progressive Threshold Training allows trainers to help clients achieve their goals for self-mastery and skills building, by utilizing a series of tests to determine their “threshold,” or current skill level on the progression continuum.  In this interactive workshop, Mike Fitch will use the example of the Pistol Squat to teach participants how to find their threshold and then utilize progressions, regressions, and conditioning exercises to learn that movement. Participants will not only learn how to apply Threshhold Training in their own practice, but will also learn what they need to do to master a pistol squat! 

Troy Anderson, BA

 is the owner of Anderson Training Systems, a fitness and sport performance coaching business that emphasizes the use of unconventional training tools and methods such as kettlebells, sandbags, and suspension training. Troy has published more than 30 articles with well-known magazines and websites and has created numerous DVD programs including Alpha Kettlebell Fitness, Metabolic OverDrive, and Dual Threat Synergy. Troy is a senior master instructor for Ultimate Sandbag/DVRT Certification.

ReMastering the Kettlebell (WS) – Troy Anderson
Beyond Swings, Goblet Squats, and Turkish Get-ups. Most fitness pros are stuck in a rut with kettlebells, they bored, their clients are bored. This workshop will open the doors of variety of programming that can be immediately applied to clients/athletes in a group setting. !

Solving the Olympic Lifting Dilemma (WS)  – Troy Anderson
Most fitness coaches are trapped in the dilemma of guilt and inability to coach the O-lifts well. Leaving them in unenviable state of fear. This workshop’s focus is to empower the coach by giving them tools and techniques that they can easily implement and are more valuable than becoming an Olympic weightlifting expert. !

Tabata Protocol Revealed (WS)  – Troy Anderson
While we may not ever be able to ‘replicate’ Tabata protocol exactly, we all use it and there are ‘best practices’ to using it. This workshop is about the data and results from a 6 week University level metabolic and HIIT research study and will be value in helping guide the fitness pro on how to implement ‘tabata-like protocol’ safe and effectively!

Quick & Safe Kettlebell Complexes for Fat Loss (WS) – Troy Anderson
Non-boring solutions and tactics for organizing and optimizing your Kettlebell workouts into safe, doable and challenging fat loss workouts. Improve your client’s technique and kettlebell training experience, using a few simple tweaks of the progressive over load model, without spending tons of cash on more kettlebells. 

Derek Vandenbrink, MA

Derek is a professor in health, wellness and fitness at Mohawk College in Ontario, Canada, a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP), the Information Officer for the Institute of Motion, and a Global Master Trainer for ViPR. Previously, Derek held positions as a personal training manager, personal trainer, and athletic conditioning specialist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and a master’s degree in physical education and recreation, specializing in youth athlete development.

Warding Patterns: Essential Training for Clients & Athletes (WS) – Derek Vandenbrink
Warding’ drills have been used by athletes for years to elicit athletic gains that can be transferred into sport. A Warding pattern is simply maintaining whole body tension while producing integrated movement patterns (think of a stiff arm in Football or a post up in Basketball). Learn the secrets of why this has such physiological benefit and how we can prescribe Warding drills for general clients right up to athletes.

IoM Loaded Movement Training: Moving Effectively for Life & Sport (WS) – Derek Vandenbrink
Loaded Movement Training (i.e. movement based resistance training) is a critical aspect of training that is far too often over-looked or never truly understood. Speed, efficiency, positional strength and stability are all maximized with loaded movement training. In this workshop, learn the theory and applications of this critical form of training.  In this workshop, you will learn sub-maximal linear and translation training which promote authentic carry-over to daily life and athletics
- how tensional load, rather than compression loads, may be more beneficial for life/athletic transfer
- numerous examples of loaded movement drills (both regressed and progressed)
- Pro-sport examples and how S & C coaches have used this to elicit a higher level of athletic gain

Movement Preparation Training (WS) – Derek Vandenbrink
Proper movement preparation is the essential way to begin any training bout. It must help prepare the body’s systems for optimal movement and efficiency. In this session, you will learn how to efficiently prepare the muscular, fascial, and neural systems in a flowing routine from beginner to advanced. -To give an overview of muscular, fascial and neural structure and how it adapts to loading -To demonstrate ViPR’s 4 level Movement Preparation program
To explain how to put this ‘warm-up’ into a well balanced program

Training for 3D Strength (WS)  – Derek Vandenbrink
Whole-body integration (WBI) is the result of the lessons learned from watching how strong, stable and balanced farm kids are. Human anatomy is unified, not segmented so therefore we need to train the body in a unified fashion. Treating and training movements using the whole body is more effective … and loading these movements will create accelerated adaptations in strength. A 3D strength allows movement to be loaded, thus ensuring a positive transfer into life!

Dr. Rick Kattouf  

Rick has recently been named as one of America’s PremierExperts® in recognition of his world premier coaching service for Multi-Sport, Running, Cycling, Fitness and Nutrition. Rick is the CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf, Inc. & CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf Nutrition, LLC and has spent more than 20 years focusing on health, fitness, nutrition, anatomy, physiology and human performance. He is the author of Forever Fit: The Easy-to-Follow, Step-by-Step Life Plan to Improve Your Body and Mind and also wrote a chapter in Training Tips for Cyclists and Triathletes.

5 Stages For Achieving A Lean Physique (L)  –Rick Kattouf
Discussing how the proper nutrition, strength training, cardiovascular training, rest/repair and the proper mindset will assist in achieving one’s fitness and body composition goals.  When it comes to achieving a lean physique, we want to focus on the “Pentad Of Success.” This includes strength training for building lean muscle; the proper heart rate training in order to facilitate fat as our primary fuel source;  the proper nutrition (eating right versus eating healthy); the proper sleep and the proper mindset. By implementing the Pentad Of Success, we are giving our bodies the best chance to achieve our desired goals.

Change the belief in order to change the result (L) – Rick Kattouf
When it comes to achieving our goals and becoming successful, our mind is either our biggest asset or our biggest limiter. If we have any negative or limiting thoughts and beliefs, we want to identify and change these as limiting beliefs like this can hold us back from success. We have to change our beliefs in order to change the result.

Coach2CEO (L) – Rick Kattouf
Many coaches, personal trainers and fitness professionals are very well educated in their field. But, just like any profession, it takes much more than just knowledge in our field to become successful when we own our own coaching/training business. Coach2CEO will help you to bridge that gap so that you can take your great skill and knowledge and turn it into a very successful business allowing you to coach and train even more individuals to success.

This Is How You Train for Ironman (L) – Rick Kattouf
Discussing heart rate training, strength training, race management, injury prevention and fueling strategies for racing your best iron distance triathlon ever. The sport of triathlon continues to grow and the Ironman distance continues to become more and more popular.  The Ironman distance can present many challenges in terms of training, racing and nutrition. By putting together the ideal plan in terms of heart rate training, strength training, race management, injury prevention and nutrition, you can become more successful at this distance than you ever imagined. 

Teri Gentes

Teri is an international speaker, educator, lifestyle coach and cooking instructor with almost 30 years experience. Teri’s seminars, workshops, personalized programs and her progressive transitional approach have enabled thousands of clients to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyles. She specializes in healthy everyday living with a provocative, practical and engaging style – inspiring action and making healthier habits easy, realistic, enjoyable and when it comes to food, truly delicious.

You know the success of your client extends beyond their fitness component. The ‘how, what when do I eat question?’ plagues most of our society. The business of food and media sensationalism cause more confusion than clarity. In this session, Whole Foods Natural Nutrition educator, coach, culinary chef and recipe author Teri Gentes instills crystal clear comprehension of the healthiest eating approach on the planet. Take home fabulous meal plans (including recipes) to share with your clients enabling their success in fitness and every day living.

ENERGY IN THE RAW (Lecture / Demo) Teri Gentes)
Nourish your body with craving-inspiring nutrient dense, living whole foods!
Foods abundant in flavor, oxygen, enzymes, anti-oxidants, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, phyto-nutrients and more. With her focus on amazing tasting foods that nurture your health, natural nutrition educator, recipe creator, culinary chef and lifestyle coach Teri Gentes details the healing impacts of plant based nutrition. The most current research reveals a dietary intake of raw foods (50% or more) is one of our most powerful aspects for a strong, healthy, disease resistant body. Learn to make items such as: vegan cheese, better-than-yogurt crème’s, raw taco meat wraps and more. See and taste for yourself how easy and amazing living raw-g food is. You’ll be wowed.


Food allergies and intolerances are ever increasing and permeating most every population. In tandem with this, the four top food allergens permeate most of our everyday commonly consumed foods including corn, soy, wheat and dairy. Any or all of these may be in everything from the steak or fish at meal time to the supplements you launch your day with making it essential to learn how to eat to avoid food allergies and intolerances. International presenter and coach Teri Gentes invites you to join her for a session guaranteed to enhance your health and the health of all those you encounter. Leave with great food ideas to replace top allergens.

Mark Occhipinti, Ph.D. 

President of the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA), conducted over 65 fitness conferences in 46 states and abroad presenting to over 100,000 health and fitness professionals, including appearances on BBC international interviews. Mark has served on the medical advisory board of several online health websites, and a fitness expert for several US newspapers, and voted 2011 CANFITPRO Specialty presenter of the year.  He is a nutritional consultant, strength coach, emergency medical technician, certified massage therapist and certified biofeedback specialist.

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying: Combating Common Diseases (L) – Mark Occhipinti
What does the latest in cutting-edge research state on how a healthy diet and lifestyle can affect and dramatically impact some of our most common medical conditions? Explore with me the options that can benefit both you and your loved ones by reducing the chances of developing many of the diseases that affect North America today. Let me challenge you, enlighten you, and arm you with information that can dramatically change your health and your life!

Is Cancer a Matter of Choice? (L) –Mark Occhipinti
1 out of every 3 Americans alive today will develop cancer in their lifetime.  Most cancers can be prevented, and even reversed by simply changing our diet and lifestyle. Why then don’t most doctors pass this information along?  Because odds are your doctor never learned about the power of the choices we make when it comes to health & nutrition.  Western Medicine choices are to treat the symptoms, not the causes, with drugs, radiation & surgery.   In this lecture, we’re going to reveal that even after cancer has been initiated in the body, diet & lifestyle can play a vital role in remission and recovery. 

Josh Hunt B.Sc., CSCS 

Josh is the Senior Trainer for Twist Sports Conditioning, and in 2010 Josh opened the 1st Twist Sport Conditioning Center in the United States. Josh sits on the Adidas Training Advisory Board and, with his ‘whatever it takes’ attitude, has a passion for helping athletes get better every day. With a client base that features an Olympic Gold medalist, professional athletes, developing young athletes, and many active adults, Josh has established himself as a coach that delivers results.

50 Can Be the New 30: Loading the Body Communication Systems (WS) – Josh Hunt
The workout that will turn back the clock and give your clients the body they always wanted….. at any age. Discover how to make exercise safer kinder yet much more challenging and interesting to hold clients present in the moment every inch of every rep. Train the body from head-to-toe to receive a body that works like 30 and looks like it too Orchestrate full capacity motion that reprograms the body’s software and strengthens body armor by manipulating levers, BoS, tempo, hand pathway, body separation, length, tension, body angulation, load and lines of pull. Build from the inside-out using movement skills and twisting motions that a body craves and active lifestyles require.

Plyometric Progressions for Play or Pro (WS)  - Josh Hunt
Plyos also have a risk-benefit and often lead to sore or injured clients. Learn how to harness the sizzle with the step A to Z of Plyo Progressions. Get everyone started safely and successfully then know with confidence where to take them next on the continuum of Plyometric Progression. Simple readiness assessments, introductory drills, coaching cues, common errors, and teaching tips will culminate with advanced plyometrics so you can meet every client exactly where they are at – from beginner to super fit. Experience readiness assessments, movement mechanics, deceleration prep, single leg, double leg, lateral movements, stride power, vertical jump, partner and group drills as well as core and upper body plyometrics!

Sport Conditioning Goes GROUP! (WS) – Josh Hunt
Take group X’s joy of movement, subtract the choreography, add athletic and functional actions, and load motion to watch your classes fill up with more males and all clients passionate about sport and recreation. A must for personal trainers graduating into small group training. This new “Twist” on sport conditioning brings the essence of functional exercise and athlete training into group exercise, blending the hot trends of small group training, team coaching, Tabata and HIIT principles. Experience the exercises, flow, timing, set-up, and cueing from Twist’s licensed small group programming featured in clubs internationally. Inspire your clients with drills that build a body that works, a push-harder workout culture and a supportive group spirit. Set yourself, and your club apart.

HIIT Metabolic Meltdown: Maximize Results in Minimal Time (WS)  - Josh Hunt
Everyone wants Results – burn more calories, build more muscle, improve posture and balance, move well and be injury free! To recharge metabolism, every exercise in a workout must maximally overload the human machine. Utilize Twist Methods to draw upon the entire human system with full body activation and max caloric expenditure. Structural guidelines help you create a purposeful workout that delivers maximum results in 20 minutes or less, perfect to drop into a 30 minute workout with warm up and cool down, double it up inside a 45 minute workout, or triple it up for a 60 minute metabolic blast! Use this easy to implement 4 step workout design system to create multiple workouts jam packed with inspiration and perspiration.PRE-CONFERENCE EVENTS


Taking the hottest trend in dance-inspired conditioning, ballet barre training, and using a simple cueing methodology to create a format suitable for every level of exerciser, LeBARRE is a workout like no other!  Using the portable Lebert Equalizer as a balance tool and for weighted resistance and assistance, this format combines Balance, Agility, Resistance, working Recovery and Eloquence into a challenging full body workout like no other.  Use the exercises alone or in the unique sequencing patterns provided to create an entire LeBarre program!  No dance experience or pink tights required!

Presenter Bio:  Jenn Hall is an international fitness and dance presenter and loves her job!  Having retired from dancing professionally with popular artists such as Beyoncè Knowles and Jay-Z, Jenn shifted her focus to dance and fitness choreography and instruction. Jenn is the creator of Lebert Fitness LTS LeBarre, a Master Trainer for Tabata Bootcamp and other cutting-edge fitness and dance companies, teaches in the kinesiology department at Georgia State University and is a trainer, group fitness instructor, author, wife and mom. Jenn is still an active choreographer and her work can been seen on the first two seasons of Fox Television’s “So You Think You Can Dance”, The Miss America pageant, professional and collegiate dance teams and companies around the world and multiple dance and fitness DVDs.