Certified Pilates Fitness Instructor Program Guide

Are you interested in specialized training on a whole-body approach to Pilates?

Your Guide to Becoming an AFPA-Certified Pilates Fitness Instructor

Learn how to create a meaningful and flexible career as a Pilates Fitness Instructor with a self-paced, affordable, and widely recognized certification.

Opportunities for Pilates Fitness Instructors are increasing and expected to grow another 8.4% over the next ten years.1

As an AFPA-Certified Pilates Fitness Instructor, you can help support the whole-body health of your clients by addressing misalignments, helping to rehabilitate injuries, strengthening muscles, and connecting the breath, body, and mind for increased concentration and stress relief.

Discover how the AFPA Pilates Fitness Instructor Certification stands out from other Pilates instructor programs and can support your fitness career goals in this comprehensive guide. You’ll also learn:

  • How Pilates supports whole-body wellness—and why that’s important to a thriving fitness career
  • About the growing opportunities available to Certified Pilates Fitness Instructors
  • What’s included in the course curriculum
  • Why students and graduates love the Certified Pilates Fitness Instructor program

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“I am absolutely floored by the level of high-quality educational materials in this course. I recommend it to anyone considering supplementing their education or looking to pursue a career in Pilates.”

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