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    Why Eating Less Doesn't Guarantee Weight Loss

    For most people, the winter season is the hardest part of the year for their body. In the winter, we eat more and move less, gaining weight we want to lose before the sun comes out.

    So why is it then that even the best eating efforts don't deliver equally amazing results? After all, eating less food should result in a slimmer body, right? Unfortunately, human biology is more complicated than that. This often causes many people to give up on their dreams of losing weight, when all they need to do is look at their own lifestyle more closely.

    Are you still wondering then how to lose fat when you already might be doing the right things with your diet? Read on…

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    Under, Over, in Between? Facts on Healthy Weight Management

    Too overweight, too underweight, not toned enough... Society puts a huge amount of pressure on the image we're "supposed" to see in the mirror. But what really constitutes a healthy weight and how can one achieve it? Perhaps the first thing you should know is anyone can lose weight and achieve his or her goal—with the right tools and strategy, of course. It's not without a challenge, however, especially considering that more than 600 million American adults suffer from obesity and 1.9 billion adults identify as overweight. You can help your client turn his or her exercise and nutrition program into a lasting lifestyle change.

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