AFPA Nutrition Professionals Scope of Practice

Scope of Practice describes the procedures, actions, and processes that a Nutrition Professional is permitted to undertake in keeping with the terms of the professional credentials they have been issued.

Please read this article regarding any state by state legal limitations.

The AFPA Nutrition Professional may offer the following General Menu of Services: 

  • Diet and Lifestyle Assessment and Evaluation 
  • Educate, Demonstrate and Advocate Healthy Eating Habits
  • Food Shopping Education, Demonstration, and Tours
  • Suggestions for Development and Maintenance of a Healthy Lifestyle 
  • Suggestions for Coping with and Managing Stress 
  • Suggestions for Behavior Medication to Obtain Optimal Health
  • Teach Classes and Workshops on Wellness and Nutrition 
  • Provide Scientific Research to Clients on Basic Nutritional Wellness Supplementation
  • Promote the Benefits of Regular Physical Activity, a Balanced Lifestyle Combined with a Healthy Diet

The AFPA Nutrition Professional may offer the following Therapeutic Menu of Services:  

  • Client Intake and Assessment 
  • Advise on General and Therapeutic Menus and Nutrients 
  • Provide Evidence-Based Research to Support Recommendations
  • Provide Client with Ongoing and Follow-up Support 
  • Review Questionnaire and Lab Assessments 
  • Summarize Client Case and Group Findings 
  • Provide Recommendations and Instruction on How to Implement Changes Toward a Healthy Lifestyle 
  • Promote and Instruct Health Professionals, Clients, and Consumers on Healthy Lifestyles 
  • Consult with Various Medical Practitioners

The AFPA Nutrition Professional May Not: 

  • Provide Medical Nutrition Advice or Practice Medical Nutrition 
  • Use Terminology or Promote Diagnosing, Curing and Treating a Disease or Medical Condition 
  • Misrepresent or Make Unproven Health or Nutrition Claims or Accomplishments
  • Use Medical or Unproven Methods, Devices, Assessments or Therapies 
  • Use Product Sales in Conjunction with Client Assessment and Recommendations 

As an AFPA Credentialed Nutrition Professional:

I agree to make safe and practical recommendations that provide appropriate information and guidelines to meet the nutrition, physical activity, and wellness needs of each individual who requests my services. As a Certified Nutrition Professional, I agree to respect my role, abide by the Code of Ethics, and work within my Scope of Ability at all times. I recognize that failure to follow this Scope of Ability will result in the removal of my nutrition certification designation.