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AFPA offers some of the most highly regarded personal trainer, fitness instructor, Pilates, Yoga, nutrition and sports conditioning certifications, education programs and educational opportunities available within the fitness industry.

AFPA shares your passion to be the best you can be! It’s what sets you apart and makes you successful!

AFPA brings you the most advanced, innovative education and certification programs; so you can reach your professional goals at a price you can afford!

AFPA certification programs are centered around what aspiring fitness professionals need to know to succeed; they are designed to meet the evolving needs of your career and the fitness industry!

Reasons to Choose AFPA For Your Certification Organization


AFPA is nationally and internationally recognized, accredited and has certified nearly 110,000 fitness, health and wellness professionals since 1994.

Comprehensive Curriculum 

AFPA provides a comprehensive curriculum for all certification programs.

Toll Free Technical Support Before, During and After the Exam! 

Our customer service team is standing by to assist you with questions pertaining to the examination, as well as any questions regarding clients and the business of personal training. Call the toll free 1.800 number Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM EST or email afpa@afpafitness.com anytime and we will respond within 24 business hours.

Flexibility of Study 

AFPA courses can be ordered at anytime so that you may choose when the timing is right for you. Our Distance Learning Certification Programs have become increasingly popular in both professional and University settings. AFPA Distance Learning Certification Programs offers the convenience of at-home, self-paced learning. Individual completion times vary depending on factors such as prior experience, knowledge and time devoted each day/week to the program. As well as the individual’s ability to comprehend the information presented within the course. 

Student Feedback

See student testimonials about various certification programs.

AFPA Blog 

AFPA publishes weekly blogs pertaining to fitness, health, nutritiion and wellness to keep you abreast of new research, controversies, updates, upcoming events, specials and so much more.

AFPA offers Advanced Specialty Certifications AFPA provides the opportunity for you to create your own specialization within the fitness profession and expand your client base by becoming a specialist in those areas of fitness that interest you. Add to your credentials with the following certifications or visit the listing of continuing education courses.

Personal Trainer Certification Course

Advanced Personal Trainer Certification Course

Master Personal Trainer Certification Course

Health & Wellness Coach Certification Course

Holistic Health Coach Certification Course

Nutrition & Wellness Consultant Certification Course

Holistic Nutritionist Consultant Course

Sports Nutrition Certification Course

Weight Management Certification Course

Master Nutrition Consultant Certification Course

Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist Certification Course

Cardio Kickboxing Instructor Certification Course

Children’s Fitness Specialist Certification Course

Cycle Instructor Certification Course

Sports Conditioning Specialist Certification Course

Functional Training Specialist Certification Course

Yoga  Instructor  Certification 

Pilates Instructor Mat Certification

Post-Rehab Exercise Specialist Certification Course

Stability Ball Trainer Certification Course

Strength Trainer Certification Course

Senior Fitness Specialist Certification Course

Aquatic Instructor Certification Course

Group Fitness Instructor Certification Course

Trainer of Special Populations Certification Course

Youth Fitness Specialist Certification

Learn More…

Credentials of the AFPA Advisory Boards AFPA‘s team of advisors and educators are experts in their fields and AFPA is honored to receive their educational and industry expertise.

AFPA offers continuing education and a variety of free ebooks to help grow your business.   AFPA offers more than 200 continuing education courses and 30 professional certification education programs to further your education. 


AFPA provides an extensive web listing and connections to various web sites. Use them as a guide for browsing new job opportunities.

Professional Documents 

Many of the AFPA certification programs include reproducible consultation guidelines, waivers and releases, daily exercise and nutrition log sheets that you can reproduce and use with many clients.

Because We Share Your Passion for Fitness! 

If you’re a caring, giving person, who enjoys staying in shape and helping others, or have experienced a breakthrough in your life through your commitment to fitness, then becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Yoga Instructor or participating in other AFPA certification programs could be the best decision you make!