What are the Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer?

No matter what sport or physical activity you participate in, hiring a good personal trainer can definitely be of benefit for achieving your goals. Personal trainers are not for everyone, but a trainer can certainly offer advantages that you will not find when working out by yourself.


A personal trainer is someone who helps people exercise and train. Many personal trainers work through local fitness centers and health clubs within a facility.

A good personal trainer can be the difference in achieving your fitness goals.

Some trainers may be available for sessions at home, workplace, or even at an individual’s place of training. Personal trainers usually must have certification before beginning work in a health club or fitness center.

Many trainers have Bachelors Degrees in Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, or other similar fields of study. They are typically certified in CPR and need to pass an exam to become a certified personal trainer. Certifications can be obtained through many organizations.


There are many reasons a personal trainer may be right for you.

  • A unique individualized program can be developed for you, taking into consideration your present fitness condition and goals. For example, a first-time marathon runner can benefit from having a personal trainer plan a safe and efficient program with attention to customizing a program that will allow him or her to meet their goal without injury and in a timeline and fashion that is comfortable for their level of fitness.

  • Motivation that a trainer can provide is invaluable. The loss of motivation and ability to stick with a training program should be a clue that you may benefit from the services of a personal trainer.

  • Safety during training is also what a good trainer can provide. This is particularly important to someone who is just starting to train. In fact, many fitness centers will offer a limited amount of free or reduced-cost personal training sessions upon initiating a membership for this reason alone. Many injuries can be avoided by close monitoring of form and intensity of exercise. A personal trainer can push you when you need it and slow you down as necessary.

  • Goals for which you have strived but been unable to attain despite years of training may more easily be met with the help of a own personal trainer. Depending on the sport or activity, a trainer can help you break through plateaus that have been out of reach by doing it alone all those years. The expertise and experience of a good trainer is priceless if they help you hit a goal or achieve a level of fitness that has eluded you.

A personal trainer who makes home visits can be very valuable to assist in proper training, adequate time, and intensity to assure a quality workout.

Some people prefer to work out at homeor avoid going to a fitness center. A personal trainer who makes home visits can be very valuable to assist in proper training, adequate time, and intensity to assure a quality workout.

The development of technical sports related skills can be enhanced significantly with personal trainers who specialize in specific sports disciplines, and may be just what you or your child needs. A trainer can develop a training program specific to a person’s sport and make use of skills training specific for developing strength, endurance, and agility important for that particular sport.


Weight loss is probably the most common reason people hire a personal trainer. Increasing muscle and losing fat with supervision of a personal trainer and weight loss professional can be pivotal in increasing your sense of overall well-being and health.


Before hiring a personal trainer, find out his or her qualifications and experience. Be sure you understand their policies and procedures, and ask them to clearly explain services, costs, cancellation policies, and length of training contract if any. The fitness center or individual personal trainer may also require a medical clearance form to be completed by your physician prior to beginning a supervised training program.

No matter what your goals are, a personal trainer can be the missing ingredient of a successful fitness, exercise, weight loss program or sports endeavor. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable with the trainer you choose. One trainer may be excellent for one person but not another. Your expectations and goals should be communicated to your trainer prior to initiating a program, and ongoing constructive dialogue as you progress with your training program is imperative.

For many of you, no matter what your goals are, a personal trainer can be the missing ingredient of a successful fitness, exercise, weight loss program or sports endeavor. Cost of a trainer may be restrictive for some, but those that can afford it will generally get their money’s worth with more effective, productive effort and time spent on customized exercise and weight loss programs.


Dr. Steven Badolato

A Florida native, Dr. Stephen Badolato received his medical degree from the University of South Florida School of Medicine and did his residency training at St. Vincents’ Medical Center in Jacksonville. He is Board Certified and has fellowship training in Sports Medicine with a specialization in non-operative musculoskeletal medicine. Formerly a team physician at the Ohio state University, Dr. Badolato was also medical director for the world-renowned IMG Sports Academy in Bradenton, Florida. Dr. Badolato can be reached at 321-253-2169.


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