Nutrition & Wellness Consultant Program Guide

Are you interested in learning about potential career paths in this booming health and wellness industry?

Discover the benefits of a career in nutrition and wellness with the help of our comprehensive Nutrition & Wellness Consultant Program Guide.

As a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, you can empower clients to make vital behavior and diet changes to alter outcomes, prevent chronic disease, and battle the rising tide of metabolic disease.

Learn what it takes to become a nutrition and wellness consultant and how you can kick-start your career in this all-inclusive guide, which offers valuable tips on how to get started and what you can expect to gain from AFPA’s curriculum. You’ll also learn more about:

  • The benefits of pursuing a career in nutrition and wellness
  • The rapidly growing nutrition industry and accompanying career options
  • The steps needed to become a nutrition and wellness consultant
  • Useful nutrition resources and technologies
  • Scope of practice for a nutrition and wellness consultant

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“The reason I chose AFPA is because of the recognition that they have worldwide, and the programs designed by experts in their field; so I felt very comfortable choosing them. The certification has been very beneficial in my career. I’m now able to attract more clients because of the certification behind my name. I’m no longer just a fitness trainer—I’m a fitness trainer and nutrition and wellness consultant.”

—Doron Willis, AFPA Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

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