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    DIY SEO for Personal Trainers Part 2

    SEO for personal trainers who sell products or services online

    In part one of our DIY SEO for Personal Trainers we stepped into the foundational process that local personal trainers – that is, trainers who provide fitness services in a specific city – could take to get some traction within the search engines. In today’s post, we will focus on how other personal trainers can monetize their businesses if they sell products and services through their website.

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    DIY SEO for Personal Trainers

    A career in personal training can be extremely trying or exceptionally rewarding depending on one very important aspect: marketing. If you can’t market your personal training business well you can’t generate more clients and the revenue you need to grow your company. This is especially true for independent personal trainers or personal trainers that monetize their business through online products or services.

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