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    10 Top Strength Exercises for Runners

    To be a great runner, you have to take advantage of every opportunity to improve. What many do not realize, however, is that trading some time on the track in favor of a well-structured gym routine could make all the difference. There are multiple reasons why implementing some strength training for runners will improve your running time, but there are also some benefits you might not expect.

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    How to Prevent Injuries During Marathon Season

    It's that time of year again. Marathon season is in full-swing, and whether you're planning to conquer one of the most physical and mental challenges around, or you're advising your client on preventative measures, we have four tips you should consider before lacing up your running shoes and taking on those 26.2 miles.

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    The Ultimate Running-Music Playlist for 2015

    How many times has one of your clients wanted to give up during a workout? What about you? Well, according to health expert Gretchen Reynolds in contribution to The New York Times, you both are certainly not alone. In fact: "Intense, highly demanding exercise has many health benefits and one signal drawback. It can be physically unpleasant, which deters many people from beginning or sticking with an intense exercise program." 

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