Insider Tips to Gain a Social Media Following for Your Fitness Coaching Business

    Social media isn’t really optional for fitness coaches anymore—it’s essential. When potential clients are searching for a fitness coach to help them reach their goals, Facebook and Instagram are often the first places they look.

    When you get only one shot at a great first impression, you’ve got to get it right. Luckily, with just a few small tweaks, your social media presence can be a natural extension of yourself and an enjoyable way to inspire and engage with other fitness trainers, friends, and potential clients.

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    Which Health and Fitness Business Niche is Right for You?

    With the rise in healthy living, the need for personal trainers, health coaches, and nutritionists is greater than ever before. While it’s an exciting time for successful business owners, the tremendous growth of the market also means more competition for entrepreneurs in the space.

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    25 Reasons Now is the Time To Get Started in the Health & Fitness Industry

    If you’ve ever thought about becoming a health or fitness professional, you’re not alone - the U.S. health coaching industry was worth $6.14 billion in 2017, up 15% from 2014. That staggering growth shows no signs of stopping with experts estimating the market to be worth $7.85 billion by 2022, with 121,000 coaches practicing.

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