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    10 Easy Ways to Start Exercising and Stick to It In 2017

    Working out is not easy for many people. Keeping yourself motivated to stick to your exercise regimen is even harder. Working out has many great benefits such as weight management, improving your energy, reducing stress and anxiety, and other health advantages.

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    The Summer Total Body Workout Plan

    For a lot of us, this past winter was the season of hibernation. Now that it's June, the official start of summer is only days away. This, of course, calls for trips to the beach, cocktails on the porch and barbecues on the weekends. While this all sounds like the perfect start to a memorable summer, low self-esteem can ruin the enjoyment of trading winter layers for a summer-inspired wardrobe. To bring that summer bliss back, we have culled six (three for men and three for women) of our favorite total body workouts to inspire your clients to gain the confidence that they so deserve to enjoy one of the best seasons of the year.

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    Is Cycling a Smarter Alternative to the Gym

    As the discussion of the importance of exercise continues, many people are looking for different ways to achieve their health goals. The important thing to keep in mind is that exercise helps you feel great, reduces your risk of certain diseases like heart disease and cancer, and also helps boost your mood and to ward off depression. Many people think that going to the gym is the best way to stay healthy and fit, but that’s not necessarily the case. There are a lot of activities that you can do outside of the gym to meet your healthy lifestyle goals. One of those activities is cycling. Do you know how to ride a bike? If so, you might be pleased to hear about some of the positive ways in which cycling can impact your health.

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