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    How to Find Your Niche as a Personal Trainer or Health Coach

    There are more than 350,000 personal trainers working in the United States and almost 110,000 health coaches. 

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    How to Balance These 4 Hunger Hormones

    Even though a lot of the time our bodies might feel a little bit out of whack, they actually function like a fine-tuned machine, with a huge variety of components and mechanisms working in harmony to help us breathe, move, function, and live. And one of the main mechanisms that influence how your body operates is the hormone, a regulatory substance that gives signals to your cells, tissues, and organs about how to behave.

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    6 Email Templates to Encourage & Check-In With Your Clients

    These days, email marketing is invaluable in connecting with potential and current clients. Whether you’re a personal trainer, health coach, or nutritionist, keeping in touch with prospective and ongoing customers is one of the best ways to show them you care, stay fresh in their memory, and start or continue receiving their business.

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