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    Recent Posts by Lizzie LaCour

    Lizzie is a creative marketer and social media strategist. She combines her passion for nutrition and fitness with her work, partnering with brands and companies in the health and wellness space. Her mission is to spread the word about holistic living through authentic social media and marketing campaigns.

    12 Wellness Instagram Accounts to Motivate You In 2019

    If you are one of those people who see a new year as the opportunity for a fresh start, you may have already spent some time thinking about habits you’d like to break or form as we start 2019. Though you can probably think of many healthy habits you would like to adopt in the new year, have you thought about how you can give your creativity a fresh cleanse with new and exciting sources of motivation and inspiration?

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    7 Healthy Living Accounts You Should Follow on Social Media Now

    As someone passionate about healthy living, chances are you’ve noticed an uptick in the amount of people transforming their lives through healthy living with a focus on fitness and wellness. If you’re curious why the health and wellness industry seems more popular now than ever, it’s all about social media.

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    10 Under-the-Radar Wellness Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

    Whether you’re looking for a new healthy recipe, non-toxic skincare suggestions, or content surrounding nutrition and mindfulness, the world of Instagram is where many of us turn for inspiration.

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    The Up-and-Coming Personal Trainer Instagram Accounts We’re Loving Right Now

    You’ve probably heard by now that social media can grow your personal training business. But what about using Instagram for fitness and workout inspiration? If you ever feel like you’re stuck in a workout rut, try following some fitness trainer accounts to help spark creativity for you and your clients.

    Here are 10 up-and-coming fitness accounts we’re loving right now: 

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