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    Kate Tendall, M.S. is a certified holistic nutritionist, writer/blogger and nutrition educator who is passionate about empowering people to give up dieting and find balance with food, while helping them to obtain a simple, realistic and sustainable lifestyle. She practices vinyasa yoga daily and you can usually find her spending time by the ocean.

    Micronutrients: Their Importance and The Best Sources

    If you’re concerned about eating the right foods for optimal health, you’ll need to do more than count calories. In our previous article, we touched on the topic of macronutrients and the ways you could maximize your meals to take advantage of them. Here, we will talk about micronutrients; nutritional compounds that are equally important but needed in much smaller quantities.

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    What are Macronutrients? Everything You Need to Know

    If you’ve been in the fitness community for any amount of time, you’ve likely heard about macros.  Understanding the facts behind macros and about your personal nutritional requirements will make a difference in your own health journey.  In this article we’ll explore what macros are, how to know if you’re getting in the right ratios and the best foods for delivering them.

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