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    Originally born in Flagstaff, Arizona, Felicity Dryer was raised by her parents (more or less modern-day hippies) to always make her health a top priority. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career as a freelance health writer, and continues to help those seeking encouragement to keep moving forward to achieve their goals.

    Superfoods for Better Living

    Brazilian born Bernardo LaPallo lives in Mesa, Arizona and some people are calling him a Supercentenarian after celebrating his 113th birthday. When someone reaches this remarkable  milestone, one might think to ask him, to what do you credit your longevity?

    According to Mr. LaPallo, he lives by one simple rule, “You are what you eat,” and in a video where Bernardo is a mere 110-years-old, he recounts that he eats healthy, consuming mostly organically grown fruits and vegetables. He also recommends cutting down on red meat and avoiding things like hot dogs and French Fries.

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