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    Eddie Lester is a personal trainer and fitness educator in Manhattan Beach, California and is the founder of Fitness Mentors, a personal training education website for all stages of your career. He can be found at the beach playing volleyball or surfing, or at the gym training for performance. Credentials: BS, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, FNS, WLS, MMAS, GFS, YES, SFS

    Developing a Selling Personality as a Personal Trainer

    Personal trainers aren’t afforded the luxury of selling a product that is so cheap it is a breeze to sell nor are we selling something people can’t live without. That’s why such a large portion of success involves selling.

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    Personal Trainer Trends and Where to Position Yourself for Success

    Personal trainers, both private and as part of larger organizations, should pay attention to trends in the industry to help position themselves for maximum marketability. Understanding the concerns of potential and existing clients as well as the fitness or nutrition movements that are growing in popularity will help trainers to identify with clients and ultimately, lead to increased revenues.

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