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    5 Ways to Diversify Your Income as a Personal Trainer

    Personal trainer certification completed—check! 

    Motivation to put your certification to work—check! 

    Innovative ideas for how to make an income as a personal trainer—pending.

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    10 Strategies for Keeping Your Health and Wellness Knowledge Up-to-Date

    We live in the information era, which gives health professionals of today a huge advantage over those from a few decades ago. 

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    Know Your Worth: How to Confidently Set Your Coaching Rates

    In the coaching world, the search for an easy answer to setting the “right” price for your services can be likened to a search for the holy grail; there are tons of clues out there, but the true answer doesn’t seem to exist.

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    How Much Can I Make as a Holistic Health Coach? 7 Factors to Consider

    One thing that holistic health coaches have in common is that they are passionate about helping others live healthier, more fulfilling lives through lifestyle choices and mindsets that support their clients’ minds, bodies, and spirits. 

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    How to Generate New Client Leads with Social Media

    Business website up and running—Check! 

    Selection of your primary social media channels—Check! 

    Steady content creation—Check! 

    Those wins may look small on paper, but entrepreneurs know the amount of work that goes into checking all of these off.  

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    7 Productivity Traps for Online Coaching Businesses 

    Online coaching isn’t all meeting clients at your dining room table and “commuting” to your kitchen or home gym for your next session. 

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    How to Use Instagram Reels to Boost Your Fitness Brand

    Instagram recently launched a brand new feature called Instagram Reels—and it might be a game changer for your fitness brand’s marketing strategy

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    A Review of 7 Supplements That May Slow Aging

    As a health professional, one all-encompassing way to discuss with your clients why it is important to make long-lasting lifestyle changes is to discuss the impact of what we put into our bodies on how we age.

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    How to Terminate a Difficult Client

    Your next appointment is just minutes away, and you can’t help but cringe. You feel the tension in your neck as you picture yourself face-to-face with that client again.

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    Top Ten Best and Worst Foods for MS Multiple Sclerosis

    The National MS Society defines multiple sclerosis (MS) as an immune-mediated process in which the body’s immune system response is directed at the central nervous system (CNS).

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