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AFPA Certification Renewal

AFPA Certified Professional Member Information links are listed below to aid you in your career as a fitness professional and help you stay up to date in your field. 

Certification renewal is required every two years to retain certification status.  AFPA certifications may be reinstated up to twelve (12) months past the expiry date upon successful completion of renewal requirements.  Certification renewal is a process whereby the certified professional demonstrates ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance the ability to perform in a competent manner.  Certification renewal also assures the public that the certified professional remains committed to adhering to a code of ethics, and standards of practice. 

Certification Renewal Requirements:

  • Obtain 16.0 continuing education credits (CEC’s) to renew for two (2) years. CEC’s must be newly acquired credits obtained during the two-year certification period of each certificate submitted for renewal.  AFPA permits its members to renew multiple certifications with the same 16.0 CEC’s provided the credits are earned during the two-year validity period of each credential submitted for renewal.  Any organization offering credits for continuing education courses related to fitness, health and/or nutrition would be acceptable towards AFPA recertification requirements.  Approved CEC Providers.  AFPA CEC Courses.

  • A copy of a CEC/CEU validation form from the continuing education course Provider such as a Certificate of Completion or similar showing your name, the name of the continuing education course completed, the date completed and the number of approved credit hours for the continuing education course completed must be attached to your AFPA Certification Renewal Application as a part of the required documentation.  CEC’s pre-dating certificate(s) submitted for renewal will not be applicable unless the applicant requested and received carryover approval with their previous renewal.  Certifications from outside organizations do not qualify as CEC's for AFPA recertification purposes; however if you attend a certification preparatory workshop the hours spent in the preparatory workshop would qualify; a copy of a CEC/CEU validation form from the Provider which shows credit hours for the preparatory workshop must be attached to your renewal application as a part of the required documentation.  Activities such as your job, leadership or committee responsibilities, attendance at meetings, membership in professional organizations, CPR courses, renewed AFPA certifications, individual research and special projects do not qualify as continuing education. 
  • The fee to renew each certification is $85.00 for two years; for individuals who hold more than one credential the fee is $85.00 for the 1st credential + $50.00 for each additional credential if renewed at the same time + late fee(s) if applicable. 
  • If your certification is past due by 30 days or more up to 12 months past the expiration date, there is a late fee of $30.00 in addition to the $85.00 renewal fee. Certifications will not be renewed and will be considered void if past due more than 12 months. REQUIRED for all credentials expired 30 days or more up to 12 months past expiry date. 
  • If you are past due by 12 months or more please call for instructions 1-609-978-7583.
  • Attach a copy of the credential(s) that you are renewing. 
  • Attach documentary proof of your CEC activity; i.e. copy(ies) of Provider CEC/CEU validation form such as certificate of completion &/or certificate of attendance from Provider showing approved credit hours for workshop or course you have completed, copy of CEC Credit Sheet signed by authorized AFPA representative from an AFPA fitness conference, copy of a newly acquired AFPA certification to serve as 16.0 CEC requirement to update existing AFPA credential(s), copy of AFPA CEC Petition Approval Letter, copy of AFPA CEC Carryover Approval Letter etc.  
  • Attach a copy of valid CPR Card/Certification* **.

*CPR certification is recommended regardless of type of certification, and is vital when dealing with the general public.  **If you wish to renew your AFPA credential without CPR kindly attach a note to your renewal application as additional documentation indicating that you are renewing without CPR and acknowledging that you are doing so at your own risk.

Mail all the above to AFPA, 1601 Long Beach Blvd., Box 214, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008.  If you have the ability to scan all required documentation and are paying renewal fees by credit card you may email your completed application to afpa@afpafitness.com.  Note: To avoid having your certification expire submit renewal paperwork at least 4 weeks prior to certification expiration date Updated credentials will be emailed approximately 1-2 weeks from the time a completed renewal application with copies of supporting documentation and payment of renewal fees is received in our office.

All applications for renewal must be complete at the time of submission i.e. completed renewal application with copies of required documentation and payment of renewal fees attached; incomplete applications are not held and/or processed.

AFPA provides digital credentials for your convenience so that you may save and/or print your credentials to your desktop and/or mobile device and/or electronically transmit to your place of employment.  Free Adobe Reader is required to view and/or download your credential.   If you print your credential it is suggested to use a color laser jet printer and the paper stock of your choice for best quality.

If you wish to receive renewal documents via email please send formal request to afpa@afpafitness.com providing your full name and title of certification; please note email subject line “Request for Renewal Documents”.

To view the many continuing education courses AFPA has to offer please visit the AFPA Continuing Education Courses page at www.afpafitness.com/health-and-fitness-continuing-education

AFPA is interested in the success of all its members and would like to ensure that your needs are being met. If you have any questions regarding certification renewal procedures and requirements please send email inquiry to afpa@afpafitness.com.